Estate Jewelry Buyers Will Buy Your Jewelry

Do you have antique jewelry? Estate jewelry buyers look for these antiques. Estate Jewelers collect sapphire, rubies, and diamonds. If you want to buy antique jewelry, you can buy from them or auctions. Buyers are also interested in buying Platinum jewelry. Check this article to find out what estate jewelry buyers do.

Estate jewelry buyers are interested in several types of jewelry. It could be vintage or antique. All estate jewelry can range between inexpensive to extremely costly. While many people think that vintage and antique are similar, they are actually different.


The antique jewelry is as old as 100 years or more. Experts would like to say that anything that was created starting in 1920s and earlier is already an antique. Vintage jewelry is created in 1920s to 1980s.


Estate jewelry is pre-owned, whether the previous owner is still living does not matter. Stores selling estate jewelry may have many collections to satiate the enthusiast’s cravings for such merchandise.


Estate jewelry buyers are interested in diamond jewelry. The diamond jewelry can be loose diamonds, engagement ring, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces and diamond rings. The diamond rings can be personalized or wedding diamonds.


Besides this, jewelry stores and private individuals are interested in buying gold jewelry of all types and origins. There are jewelry made of gold from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Italy and Brazil.


Estate jewelry stores are buying Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston and Cartier jewelry. Platinum jewelry is also among the jewelry that estate jewelry buyers are interested in.


Fine watches, dental gold, scrap gold and gemstone jewelry. And silver jewelry can be seen on auction sites and on jewelry stores. They have outstanding value based on how old the jewelry is, and on what value the metal and precious stone have.


The antique estate jewelry is really the bestseller in most jewelry shops. Besides having a striking appearance, many stores prefer having precious stones such as sapphire, rubies, and diamonds in their estate jewelry section.


The Georgian jewelry is made between 1714 and 1837. Mostly, it is handmade and very rare. The designs associated with it are leaves and birds, and the jewelry includes precious stones.


After Georgian, the Victorian romantic jewelry was famous in 1850s. Jewelry made from this era was mostly solemn and sports grave designs, mainly because of the death of Queen Victoria’s husband. Because of this, the jewelry is known to be mourning type. It features heavy and dark stones such as Jet, Onyx, Amethyst and Gamet. Estate jewelry buyers are particularly looking for such precious piece.


Also from this period, the jewelry became especially creative as there were colorful designs. This jewelry had shells, colorful gemstones, and mosaics. During the late Victorian era, the jewelers experimented on diamonds, bright gemstones like peridot, sapphire and spinel. It featured star, crescent designs, and hat pins.


In industrial revolution, arts and crafts jewelry had resumed to being simple in creating patterns for jewelry, which were intricately handmade. Even so, the creations of this era were impressive. In this day, estate jewelry buyers look for and search for these pieces.


Rutilated Quartz Lets Talk Stones

Rutilated Quartz Lets Talk Stones

For more information on crystals and how to use them, please visit our online classroom, featuring on demand classes at prices you can afford!
Rutilated quartz is a stone that has rutile within the quartz. Working with this stone will speed things up for you, to say the least, however this isn’t a stone that one should work with regularly, this is an emergency type stone. This is the stone that I pick up when I can feel a good come to jesus meeting with myself coming on. This stone helps me be a little kinder, a little more constructive and a little more solution oriented with myself.

What this means is that often times we find that the highest expectations placed on us come from within, when we find ourselves not meeting those expectations we can be rather harsh on ourselves. Sometimes we are downright cruel and punishing to ourselves. This is a pattern that Rutilated Quartz will help us to correct. This stone brings us a vibration that helps us to see patterns where we are being too hard on ourselves, places where we have opportunities to improve by lightening up a little.
For those who suffer from OCD like symptoms this stone can be very enlightening in the patterns that are creating the symptoms. Working with this stone helps us to detect these repetitive self punishing patterns, determine from the mental level whether they are efficient patterns and what action if any needs to be taken.

Rutilated quartz has also been very effective with addictive behaviors, these are self punishing behaviors after all. When working with addictive patterns one should consider working with other stones that also bring in a very self nurturing energy such as lepidolite or ajoite.

Natural stone is beautiful choice for granite countertops.  Engineered stone, quartz and laminate all try to mimic the beauty of natural stone, but they do not even come close! Everyone has heard the expression that “imitation is the highest form of flattery” and this is very true when it comes to granite and marble countertops.

How to decide between Granite and Quartz Countertops

Natural stone is beautiful choice for granite countertops.  Engineered stone, quartz and laminate all try to mimic the beauty of natural stone, but they do not even come close! Everyone has heard the expression that “imitation is the highest form of flattery” and this is very true when it comes to granite and marble countertops.

Granite and marble can be expensive, but doesn’t have to be. With the right stone selection, and reasonable choices for edge and design it can be more cost effective than Corian, and most engineered or quartz stone type products.

Its beauty is timeless, rich and transcends the ages. The resale value of your investment can be more rewarding than the imitators and this is evidenced by the large numbers of realtors that come here every day to spruce up a home to make it saleable.

Its durability is legendary. A home with natural stone accents is valued for its custom one of a kind attributes and recognized as not an off the shelf one size fits all approach to most products today.

The competitors will try to scare you with the scare tactic “You always have to seal it and maintain it with special products”

The reality is this; once or twice a year you spray and wipe with “sealer” which is as difficult to apply as Windex (not very hard to do). Some stones never need to be resealed, ask your fabricator if your stone choice is porous or dense and your stone supplier will advise you as to what and how to apply. Once or twice a year is a worst case scenario for resealing frequency.

The upside of quartz is that it is consistent. It has no fissures, no veins, and very limited inclusions. It handles heat well and never needs to be sealed. Most manufacturers of quartz offer a warranty. If you like consistent coloring and look then quartz countertops make an excellent choice. Many of the manufacturers are offering colors that are getting much closer to a natural stone look without the downside. Quartz is very hard, therefore scratch resistant. It like granite can scratch and chip. It is my opinion that quartz is less scratch resistant, but is more prone to chipping. The very hardness that makes it more scratch resistant does make it more brittle and prone to chipping. Conversely, granite chips can be repaired more easily than quartz.

Corian is a synthetic and once very popular solid surface counter top material. Today it is used less and less and the company behind the product, “Dupont” has embraced competing products and is behind industry giants such as Home Depot in regards to the sealer treatment that they put on their granite to resist stains.

Dan DiTomaso Stone Masters Inc, 515 School House RoadBusiness Management Articles, Kennett Square PA 19348

Reconsidering psychotherapy: Dr. Leslie Carr at TEDxFiDiWomen

Reconsidering psychotherapy: Dr. Leslie Carr at TEDxFiDiWomen

Dr. Leslie Carr is a registered clinical psychologist in private practice, where she works with adults. She has a physical office in San Francisco, CA, as well as a virtual office where she meets with people via Skype who are not in the Bay Area. Dr. Carr is a regular contributing writer for the online wellness magazine, and she serves on the board of directors for the Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology (NCSPP). She is committed to showing the world that therapy is cool.

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Metaphors provide
a way for clients and therapists to work in partnership in counselling and
psychotherapy. This article examines the use of metaphors in gay counselling to
assist clients to come to their own interpretations and start finding answers
and solutions to problems about relationships, friendship and trust.

I work a lot with metaphors and many of my clients are gay men and
lesbians. The approach I use in counselling and psychotherapy at is based
on the principal that we interpret and make meaning of life through the
stories we tell ourselves and others. These stories about the events
and the experiences of our lives employ metaphors.

The journey metaphor (life as a journey) is very common in
counselling work as are pedagogic metaphors (life as learning). But
rather than come up with the metaphors myself, I am interested in the
metaphors people bring to the counselling session. As a therapist I do
not set about making interpretations but assist people to make their
own interpretations.

For example, say I am meeting with a client who talks about not
being able to find any satisfaction in life. He has been searching for
satisfaction for a long time. He knows it exists because he knows some
other gay men who seem to have found it, but he was always told when he
was growing up that satisfaction came from having a family and finding
a loving partner. He hasn’t been able to find satisfaction and has
often thought about giving up (the giving up took the form of suicidal
thoughts), but something leads him to keep pursuing it.

This story could be seen as a kind of a quest metaphor: the quest
for satisfaction. In telling me the story of this search he uses words
like ‘finding’, ‘searching’, ‘existence’, ‘giving up’ and ‘pursuing’.

So I can pick up this metaphor and start using it with him, using
his own language and interpretation of the events and experiences of
his life to find new clues, signposts etc to explore the origins of
this quest with him. Quest metaphors are not uncommon of course and we
see them regularly in films such as The Wizard of Oz, and Lord of the
Rings etc.

Someone else might come to me with a problem of ‘not knowing how to
make friends’. So there is a metaphor here in the ‘making’. This person
has ‘almost given up’ because it requires ‘too much effort’ and he has
‘nothing to see for it’. When I ask about what he has heard about
making friends he tells me that he understands it takes ‘Time, Trust
and Effort’. And from his experience already he has decided that it is
quite ‘hard to build on one night stands’ or ‘random hook ups’ because
the whole thing is liable to ‘come crumbling down’ too easily.

This sounds to me like a construction metaphor. I can follow this up
with him by asking about plans and dreams of what kinds of friendships
he wants to build. Are they great edifices or cosy hideaways? If random
hook ups don’t seem to work, what sort of foundations might work? What
is the cement of friendship? What are the building blocks? Does he know
of any ‘finished products’ or ‘works in progress’ he can get ideas from?

I find metaphors really stimulating. Firstly, I don’t come up with
them, others do, but I can help develop the preferred story and
plotlines. Metaphors also speak to the hopes, beliefsFree Reprint Articles, commitments and
values people have. And hearing about these is just as important as
hearing the problem story.

Niche Marketing: Strategies Using Web 2.0


Like me, you probably have overspent, buying every second product that comes along offering the latest magic solution promising you big bucks for one hour’s work per week. Learning the intricacies of niche marketing has been a matter of survival, and the smartest thing I ever did. I tried fighting the odds and attempted to sell into the general Internet Marketing arena, even though I was told it’s already too crowded. So now I work with smaller niches where my web sites have a chance of being noticed. I’m willing to share with you one of the most powerful and overlooked sources of free traffic from niche markets. Free traffic from the world of Web 2.0 has been greatly overlooked by many of us. Using niche marketing strategies to gain a foothold in this milieu will prove to be a god-send, if you just give it a try. Look into Internet groups, known as news groups. Yes those… Yahoo! Groups, MSN Groups, Google groups and other places where people freely exchange news and info regarding their specific interests. These groups offer a wealth of interested and hungry prospects. People in these newsgroups will eagerly grab your information if it’s any good, and if properly distributed to them. These are people who voluntarily joined a group to share their passion with others in their common interest. The same interest you are promoting in your niche. They were not induced by a free newsletter offering gifts as reward for signing up. You don’t even have to sell them on your idea. They are already resold on that particular niche, and all you need to produce is the answers they’re looking for. Think about this for a minute. Internet groups are already targeted, interested prospects. You can send them unlimited messages, every day even, you get to communicate or interact with exactly the customers you want, because they’re already in your chosen niche. The postings you do may go directly to their inbox (if that’s what they chose, or they can read it at the Group page. In email marketing, the open rate (how many emails you sent out got opened) is running 12 to 20%. So you can imagine the benefit of delivering almost all your messages. Because you’re emailing people already interested! Yahoo still has the leading newsgroups, and then there is MSN and Google. If you go to ‘Group Search’ page at Yahoo, you will be amazed at the number of groups listed. The numbers after the categories refer to the number of Groups, not the number of people. Games, for example, have over 90,000 groups, health and wellness over 120,000. Incredible numbers just with Yahoo. You can join as many as you want, completely free for you to e-mail as much as you like. Join a bunch of enthusiasts interested in the same thing as you. Of course you just can’t join all the groups in the niche. But you can surely focus on up to 50 groups, each with thousands of people in them. If you handle it right, you can easily establish yourself as a trusted authority and end up making good money. Yet, people are skeptical on the Internet these days because of the excessive Spamming, so you must be careful or you will alienate yourself from them. If you downgrade yourself even by accident, forget about making a comeback, it just won’t happen. There are too many choices available, so second chances don’t exist. These niche specialists are loyal to their group, so you must talk to them with respect. Too many people on the Internet have turned into rude bullies. Maybe hiding behind the curtain of anonymity. which is the Net, gives them a feeling of power? Of course it’s not justified. Try that behavior in the Niche Groups and you’ll soon become an outcast, and justifiably so. The bottom line is simply this, within the Internet groups you have the opportunity to bond with your fellow niche followers. Once they trust you, you are then OK to start offering quality products to them. What more could you ask.

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Niche Marketing Strategies, Niche Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Internet Groups

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How to Worship Lord Hanuman

At all places in India and across the world, Lord Hanuman is the most worshipped deity from Vedic mythology. People flock temples of Lord Bajrang Bali in particular on Saturdays, and pictures of the Bajrang Bali can be found widespread in all corners of the world.


At all places in India and across the world, Lord Hanuman is the most worshipped deity from Vedic mythology. People flock temples of Lord Bajrang Bali in particular on Saturdays, and pictures of the Bajrang Bali can be found widespread in all corners of the world.

It is commonly believed that encountered with complex situations in life, a worshipper can overcome these with the blessings of Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman. Such is the strength of the blessings of Lord Kesarinandan that they bring peace and prosperity in a person’s life as difficulties all disappear.

When a devotee worships Lord Hanuman with a purity of heart and mind, it paves the way for success.

Lord Anjaneya is a personification of all that is divine. In Sanskrit there is a saying ‘Anjaneyah Pujitaschet Pujita Ssarva Devatah’, which means that by worshipping Panchmukhi Hanumanji, one worships all the Gods.

In essence, Lord Anjaneya conveys the divine message that by birth, all beings are beastly, but through a life of righteousness, it is possible for a human being to attain divinity. Lord Anjaneya is known for his infinite strength but is also possessed with matching intelligence. It is believed that where there is Bhoga (enjoyment), there is no moksha (Salvation). But the devotees of Lord Anjaneya are blessed with both, Bhoga and Moksha.

Hanuman Chalisa, in form of 40 dohas is a divine prayer of Lord Pawanputra. When one regularly chants the Hanuman Chalisa, it induces not just good luck but also allows a devotee to overcome fears.

The right way to worship Lord Hanuman:-

Lord Anjaneya is chiranjeevi (immortal) and omnipresent. Any person can worship Lord Hanuman, but he must essentially lead a righteous life.

– One must visit a Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday, with a clean and fresh mind.

– To attain the blessings of Lord Pawanputra, one must chant Hanumanji’s name on rising in the morning or before retiring for bed.

– One must avoid non vegetarian food, especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

– You must chant the divine hymns of the Divya Jyotivan Hanuman Chalisa at least once every single day.

– To attain blessings of Panchmukhi Hanumanji, one must visit a Hanuman temple on Saturdays. Do a daan of sesame, sugar and red gram for 11 Saturdays at a Hanuman temple, and this would induce an awakening as problems in life disappear!

– A devotee must light a lamp of sesame seeds every day.

– Whenever a worshipper is afflicted by anxiety or any stressPsychology Articles, chanting the Hanuman Chalisa will let him get over the same.



#chakra #frequency #528hz

Unblock all your chakras

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theinfinitecup’s music is for meditation, deeper sleep, improve mood, studying, relaxation, and overall better health. You will find frequencies that have been specifically created as relaxation music videos that are suitable for babies, children, teens, and adults who need soothing relaxation from soft, peaceful music to help them go to sleep. Watch them as a form of sleep meditation or sleep hypnosis, gently letting the dreamy images relax you into that calm place where you can fall asleep easily. Sacred geometry patterns and artwork for spiritual growth is used on this channel. You will find meditation music for stress relief and sleep relaxation. The energy in the frequency played in this music will enhance all levels of your being. This is a powerful way to way to manifest what you want in life. Everything in life is energy, you can use frequency mediation as a tool to channel that new energy into your life.

Our music is very popular in all countries including: Spanish known as “musica relajante”, in French as “musique relaxante” and in German as “entspannungsmusik”

theinfinitecup’s deep sleeping music is composed to beat insomnia. This music will also help you on your spiritual journey. The music will bring you into altered states of awareness allowing you to fully connect with your Self. This is very important for manifesting and using the ultimate abilities for the highest good of all. If you struggle to go to sleep then our music for insomnia, using delta waves, is the answer for you. Incorporating new age breakthroughs with binaural beats, solfeggio frequency music and resonating tones, our deep sleep music will help you to fall asleep fast. Moreover, the 432hz healing frequency and 528hz benefits of our music for sleep will lead you to experiencing restorative, deep, healing sleep.

Our sleeping music also promotes healthy dreaming and can also induce lucid dreams. This calm music for sleeping supports new age sleep meditation practices such as lucid dreaming and astral projection by using binaural beat frequencies. Our sleeping music is ideal music for stress relief, with the peaceful music relaxing and soothing your tiredness and tension as you unwind.

theinfintiecup’s music is for entering deep states of meditation. You can also use this music as a way to fall asleep faster. While listening to this relaxing music know that it helps to reduce anxiety and restore inner peace. Our calm music uses nature sounds and ambient instrumental music to bring about soothing relaxation for body and mind. Use our beautiful music for autogenic training to ensure whole-body sleep relaxation or as part of your sleep meditation practice. Listening to such ambient, beautiful music, often with nature sounds like ocean waves in the background, inspires sweet dreams. Our relaxing sleep music will help you enter the dream state gently and without anxiety.

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Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the yoga of awareness. It is the science and technology of energy channeling and integrating the energy our body mind to live in alignment with our fullest potential. It is the ultimate transformation tool. As a beginning student, you can participate in the class at a pace that suits your flexibility and endurance.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the yoga of awareness. It is the science and technology of energy channeling and integrating the energy our body mind to live in alignment with our fullest potential. It is the ultimate transformation tool. The Kundalini energy is the energy of the soul and our creative potential. It is something that already exists within us but is simply waiting to be awakened and utilized. A raised Kundalini means simply that everything is in balance within the body and mind.

Using breath, posture, mantra (specific sounds which tap into various frequencies of energy) and mudra (specific hand positions) to awaken energy, Kundalini yoga builds flexibility, endurance and awareness. Working below the surface, it balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system and enables us to control the mind rather than being controlled by our thoughts and feelings. Although both Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga can achieve the same end goal Kundalini Yoga takes you on the fast track and gets your there quicker. Positive effects as a result of practicing Kundalini Yoga occur in as little as 3 minutes. These changes persist throughout the day and are reflected by positive changes in your mood and behavior.

As a beginning student, you can participate in the class at a pace that suits your flexibility and endurance. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, preferably made of cotton or other natural, breathable fiber. It is best to remove your socks to stimulate the vital nerve endings in the soles of your feet. If you allow at least two hours between eating and practicing yoga, you will gain the maximum benefits. It is also easier to exercise on an empty stomach. If you must eatHealth Fitness Articles, have something light to tide you over. For more details visit

Thai Amulets Prai 59 Grant Wishing Thailand Amulets Bring Luck Wealth Protection / Tanya Thai Amulet

Thai Amulets Prai 59 Grant Wishing Thailand Amulets Bring Luck Wealth Protection / Tanya Thai Amulet

Thai amulets Prai 59

First Item : “Salika broke coffin” Aj Soon
Very powerful and scared Thai amulet called “Salika broke coffin” which contains the spirit of 59 Prai into 1 coffin by Aj. Soon (the maker of 59 Prai hypnotizing oil). Made from holy sacred soil and prai’s powder, prai’s wax candles covered with prai hypnotizing oil.
The amulet also combined many holy sacred material such as soils from 7 old cemetery, bones powder from women who died with baby inside, many more (some are not appropriate to mention). The coffin is made from real old used coffins from most scary cemetery.
Blessed over 3 months under the dark moonlight to give more power and more effective for using. This is a strong and powerful Prai, for those who are interested to adopt Prai, this should be the one.

The mother prai is believe to be good for bringing you luck, fortune and wealth. Metta, Metta Maha Saney, Matta Maha Niyom. Also served as a good protection for owner in warding away bad spirit, harm soul.

Please do not use this amulet to play with anyone feeling

The method of using :
​- light 16 incenses stick to invite prai into the house as well as asking permission of the house protection spirit to let prai in.
​- worship with raw food every month, light 1 incense while worshiping.
– making merit and think about her every time you have a chance.
​- to wake up the Prai
​aom- so-sa-a-ni
ji-j-ru-ni so-sa-a-na nang-prai ma-ni-ma-ma (repeated 3 times)

The second Item :
Thai amulet occult sorcery Saney Joa Suoa Golden Prai Dham by very famous Aj. PU-E
Using corpse’s sheet cover to wrap around Joa Suoa Prai Dham, and placed in real used coffin painted in black color, with hand written yantra call for wealth and good fortune. Very suitable for gambling luck, casino. lottery. Prai Joa Suoa also gives you Metta Maha Niyom and good business, increase more sells and attract customers into your shop.

The materials are include of Pong Prai Joa Suoa, 59 Prai powder, Kumanthong powder, Khun Paen plook Hong Prai Powder, Wan Nang Phraya Peedib, Wan Kling Klang Dong, Wan Nang Kwak, 7 cemetery soils, 7 casino soils, Prai Krasip Powder, Tathip Powder. Aj. Pu-E consecrated this prai alone in a middle of 7 old cemetery, empower under 7 moonlight to create this strong, sacred and very powerful Prai.


Su-Su-Na Si-Si-Na Sa-Ta-Ya (all 7 times, then make your wishes.

Music By :
Ghost Processional by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


It’s a well known quote that “If you’ve not seen Thailand, you have seen nothing in Asia”. If fact, an Asian holiday remains incomplete until you make a tour to exotic Thai kingdom. For those looking fun during a holiday, Thailand is a place to be.Perhaps no other country in Asia offers such an exoticism that this southeast Asian does. This is why Thailand packages and Bangkok packages are extremely popular amongst youth breeds seeking exhilarating holiday experience. With its exotic beaches, lively markets and delicious sea foods, a Thailand holiday is for all. You know the best thing about Thailand holiday? Vacationing here is not an expensive affair. People on limited budget can plan for a Thailand holiday. What you need to do is to search through web to find suitable deals for Thailand packages and Bangkok packages. Doing this, you will surely come across many Thailand packages suitable to your budget.When Thailand holiday is talked about, the images that conjures up in the mind including relax & rejuvenation at long sandy beaches, thrilling adventure activities and sparkling nightlife of Pattaya and Bangkok. Most often, a Thailand tour begins with Bangkok: the capital city of Thailand and one of the most happening cities around the world. However, Bangkok has an identity to be the political, commercial and cultural life of Thailand ever since it was constituted in late 18th century. The city has been on driver seat when it comes to attract fun-loving travelers. Lovely markets, first-rated restaurants and colorful nightlife here leave every tourists becharmed. Shinning Buddhist temples, beautiful palaces and abundance of amusement, however, make the city worth visiting by family vacationers.Not-so-far-away from Bangkok is Pattaya: an incredibly beautiful beach resort with crystal clear blue waters. Although the main characteristic the city is famous for is its vibrant, liberal and arousing atmosphere, fascinating natural beauty and a range of water sports also keep visitors pouring into Pattaya. Here you can enjoy rich corals and underwater life like nowhere else; Pattaya beaches have some of the most fascinating dive spots. Travelers will also have endless pristine beaches to sunbathe or relax. Phuket is also a must-visit destination for Thailand visitors, particularly the ones inclined towards nature and adventure. You would surely love the historical grandeurs of Chiang Mai in North Thailand. With hundred of age-old temples, splendid historical monuments and mystical ruins, Chiang Mai has rightly been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage town.There are several other islands and beaches, which render a perfect blend of fun, entertainment, recreations and leisure for a remarkable holiday. Irrespective of what you age or interest is, a holiday in Thailand will give you a lifetime experience. So, it is time to look for complete Thailand holiday packages or an exclusive Pattaya tour package.

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Hungry Bags enables you to choose among the best Bangkok packages and ensures you a delightful Bangkok tour. Reasonable deals for Delhi flights and Andaman tour are also offered to the travelers seeking fun-filled vacation.

Buddhism versus Gautamism

The worldly name of the Buddha was Sidhattha Gautama. Part of his profound teachings became the religion of Buddhism, the larger part of which is derived from Hinduism. Gautamism is my term for the Original Teachings, that has nothing to do with religion, but with “Suffering and No Suffering” only. In this article, the author tries to explain the difference.

What is happiness? It may sound a stupid question, but in terms of Gautamism (my own term), the answer becomes essential. All religions promise eternal happiness in the Hereafter, in Heaven, where the souls of the “rightful ones” will go after death. Also in fairy-tales, the end always is a happy one. We all strive for happiness and the methods to achieve it are of various kinds. It can be to have money, power, love, being successful, harmonic family life, etc, etc. 

Generally it is thought that if one is not unhappy, the opposite of being happy must be true. A neutral state in between, neither one nor the other, is not perceived to be worth striving for. If someone says to be neither happy nor unhappy, this person usually means to be living a rather “dull” life, nothing much to get “excited” about, just getting by and would like to see it different, to become “happy” instead.

In consequence, also the religion of Buddhism, as I observe it being practiced in SE-Asia, aims to achieve happiness and the ultimate of it is to become “enlightened”, bringing you to Heaven after your last death, never to be reborn again to a life of suffering. They believe in the Hindu concept of reincarnation, to be reborn in the flesh, whereas Gautamism sees  rebirth as a mental process only. This makes it a psychology, rather than a philosophy and definitely not a  religion.

In theoretical Buddhism (which is NOT Gautamism – again, my term only), there is the concept of the Non-Self. This concept is rightfully seen as a negative one by many. In the literature we can read that the Non-Self has eradicated his/hers Self, eliminated the very Ego, to such an extend that a Non-Self cannot talk and think in terms of I, me and mine. Indeed, this is utterly negative, because it would make a fish, or rather more a stone to be “enlightened”.

Unfortunately we do not know the original words of Gautama Buddha, because he never wrote down a single word (not that we know of). All we know about his teachings, came to us from later scholars and this explains to me that the Non-Self likely was not Gautama’s formulation, but Non-Selfish it was instead. If we look it up in the dictionary, we will see that selfishness is seen as a synonym for egoism.

In Gautamism however, selfishness is seen as being subjected to the material world, to life as it appears, whereas non-selfishness is the opposite, to be an objective observer of the material world, not a subjective part of it. This doesn’t make the Non-Selfish an outsider, not a hermit turning away from the world, but instead someone dealing with it in Wisdom, being the Knowledge of the True Nature of All Things.

In theoretical Buddhism, this Wisdom is expressed in the profound teachings of “Dependent Origination” (Pattica-Samuppada). It is the Chain of Suffering, a cycle that starts with “birth” in ignorance (Avijja) and ends with “death”(Jara-Marana), leading to another ignorant rebirth. In theoretical Buddhism, this chain must be broken to eliminate suffering and in the Buddhist culture this is attempted by avoiding to make “contact”, which is the sixth shackle in this chain and the first one that we can have control over.  This has a most significant effect on the mentality of the people in Buddhist cultures,  that we westerners have no appreciation for and very difficult to deal with (ever ordered a 3-minute boiled egg for breakfast in a Thai hotel?).

In Gautamism nothing is eliminated, but Ignorance itself and thus suffering is avoided to arise through Wisdom, achieved at the last “death”, after which “rebirth” (ignorance) cannot occur again. In the State of Mind that follows, there are feelings, but one doesn’t have them (one is no longer  subjected to them – “Independent” Origination).

Gautama-Buddha, initially being a philosopher himself, reasoned that being a hermit, turning away from the material world, would lead to “happiness”, being a state of non-suffering and so he lived an ascetic life in a cave during around 6 – 7 years. He finally found that he was still suffering and so he abandoned this unsuccessful ascetic life, returning to the material world, that he had to deal with in an other way. Shortly after, he became enlightened and the Teacher as we know him from the literature.

Alas, his enlightened State of Mind was a psychological one, beyond comprehensible reasoning and so he had to talk “around” it, in the hope people would understand, but they didn’t. Most likely this is why he never wrote down anything, or tore it up afterwards, even more likely, because there were and are no words to express the Psychology of the Mind, nor will there ever be. For the same reason one cannot become enlightened by studying theoretical Buddhism only – one gets confused, or comes to useless, or even negative conclusions.

Because of his royal birth, Gautama was made a holy Hindu monk, had to be, as the Royal House would not accept a lesser position for the former Crown Prince. Therefore his “rebirth” became “reincarnation” for his Hindu followers, as anything else was beyond their comprehension, then, as it still is today in the Buddhist World.

The Wisdom, the Knowledge of the True Nature of All Things, in as far as I have been able, or rather was forced, could not avoid to penetrate it, is not a “nice” thing to know. In fact, it is totally unacceptable, not to say devastating and therefore I cannot talk about it. It doesn’t make you happy and so I am not. But I found my Peace of Mind and I am not suffering any more, but yet kind of missing my “glorious” life of suffering before, to which I never can return, even if I wanted to (thus not).

It’s a long way to Enlightenment, nobody can teach you, it cannot be reached through reasoning (meditation) and once you made it, there is no way back. It’s a painful process to die for the last time, never to become reborn again. You may want to read more about The Secret of the Buddha. 

Reference:SUFFERING AND NO SUFFERINGby:  Ven. Varasak VaradhammoISBN 974-89647-0-1published by:Buddhadharma Meditation CenterHinsdale, ILComputer Technology Articles, 60521 U.S.A

5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Dominate in 2019

5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Dominate in 2019

Discover five tips to grow your business in 2019 with social media marketing.

Learn proven strategies to help you use social media for business in 2019 with five tips.

Find out how to effectively use Facebook ads in 2019 to reach your target customers. Discover how to use Twitter and Instagram for business in 2019 to make money and find clients whether you’re B2B or B2C.

In this video, you will learn how to improve your SEO and gain more organic engagement without relying on Facebook ads by posting on third-party sites like LinkedIn and Medium.

Watch to find out the best social media marketing strategies to help you in 2019 and beyond.

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Carlos Gil is a first-generation Latino marketing executive, international keynote speaker, award-winning Snapchat storyteller and Founder of Gil Media Co. with over a decade of experience leading social media strategy for global brands. Carlos’ work has been featured by CNNMoney, Harvard Business Review, Mashable, and Social Media Examiner in addition to dozens of trade publications.

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Nowadays, people are using different marketing
strategies such as e-mail marketing, or social media marketing but still the
most effective strategy of marketing is postcard marketing. They are much
better than e-mail and social media marketing. You can get better results from
this strategy. The major advantage of postcard marketing is that your targeted audience
doesn’t need to do anything before reading your marketing message – no sign
up/in, no computer, and internet.

Even it is very unique form of marketing, it doesn’t
require any envelope. Your marketing message is displayed and straight to the
point. Unlike envelope letters, postcard message can be skimmed quickly before
going to a trash. This gives a chance to people to think about your message,
whether throw it away or not.

The only disadvantage attached to the postcard is
the limited space. There is limited space on the postcards. That’s why you need
to put more effort in making the design of postcard more effective. You need to
create high impact postcard that can draw your targeted audience attention to
your message by using that small space.

You need to use your imagination in making
innovative design of your postcard. A good approach of creating best design can
be hiring a professional company. Here are some reasons, that make the postcard
an ideal choice for your business;

Postcards can be produce
quickly and you can increase your sales leads dramatically within few weeks.

You can easily persuade
your customers to patronize for your products and services.

You can announce your
promos and events

Through postcard
marketing, you can track your postcard marketing results

They can be used as
mini billboards for the instant visibility in the eye of your customer.

They are easy to create
and inexpensive

You can target only
those customers who want to buy from you

Here are some tips that can improve your

1.      Consistency
of mailing to your targeted audience

2.      Don’t
put much details, just write down promotional benefits

3.      Make
an appealing offer

4.      Make
your postcard in that way, it relate to your targeted audience personally

5.      Invite
your targeted audience at trade shows and business events to get discounts

6.      Get
a right mailing list

Hope, you can now understand the whole process how
postcard works and what advantages attached to the postcard marketing campaign.
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How to do a Complete Brake Flush and Bleed

How to do a Complete Brake Flush and Bleed

How to Do a Brake Fluid Flush. Learn how to do a complete brake system flush to remove all of the old, water logged brake fluid out and replace it with fresh new DOT 3 brake fluid. I show you the two person method and the one person method to bleed the brakes. I also show you how to bleed drum brakes and disc brakes as well as the correct order to bleed them for a complete flush.

Here is the tubing you need for the brake bleeder:

One Person Brake Bleeder:
Everything you Need to Know About Brake Fluid: COMING SOON
Wheel Cylinder Replacement:
How to Replace Drum Brakes:

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There’s no doubt that your brakes are the most important part of your
vehicle. What would happen if your car did not have brakes? It is very
important that your car is able to stop when you need it to. Even race
car drivers can tell you that being able to stop is more important than
having a powerful engine. Keep in mind that changing your pads early is
always better than changing them when it’s too late. By changing your
brake pads early, you’ll be safe on the road and save money on expensive
repairs. So, when is it time to take your car to a brake repair
mechanic for brake pad replacement?

How Often Your Need to Replace Your Pads
You may not have to replace your pads for tens and thousands of miles.
How often you need to replace them depends on your driving habits and
the type of vehicle you own. The more you use your brakes, the more
often you will need to replace them. If don’t replace your brake pads in
time, your vehicle may not be able to stop efficiently and it can lead
to a dangerous accident. Therefore, maintenance of your braking system
plays an important role in the performance of your car!

Examine Your Brake Pads
You can examine your brake pads to see if they are worn out. If you
examine your front tires, you should be able to see your brake pads.
However, if your pads are worn out, you may not be able to see them. In
order to see your brake pads, you may have to remove your wheel. If you
remove your wheel, you will see the outside brake pad. If you look at it
from above, you will see the pad pressing against the metal rotor. If
you don’t know what you’re doing, take your car to an auto repair shop a
brake repair mechanic for a professional inspection.

Check the Depth of Your Pads
If you see that the depth of your brake pads are less than 1/4 inch, you
need to replace them. If they’re less than 1/8 inch, you’re getting
very close to damaging your rotor. If this is the case, you need to
replace them as soon as possible! Keep in mind that one brake pad may be
thinner than the other; this is normal. It’s also important to note
that when the pads are severely worn down, it can lead to grooves and
circular-shaped marks in the rotors. These marks are also a sign that
the pads need to be replaced.

Choosing Brake Pads For Your Vehicle
Basic brake pads are suitable for most drivers. However, these pads can
cause serious problems when subjected to severe driving conditions or
installed on high-performance cars! In addition, brake pads that are
designed for normal driving will make more noise and produce more dust.
If you live in a hilly area, drive in an aggressive manner, or carry
heavy loads often, you should consider severe-duty brake pads. If you’re
still not sure which pads are best for your car, consult with an
experienced brake repair mechanic. You can also peruse your owner’s
manual for pad replacement intervals and brake-related recommendations.

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