Online Psychology Degree: Which Program Should You Choose?

Undergraduate Online Psychology Degree

This online psychology degree is the first step to higher level and prosperous career in future. The thing is, Bachelor’s degree doesn’t give you the possibility to apply for state licensing. So, if you are planning on becoming a licensed psychologist, you should proceed studying for a higher degree. All depends on you goals in life.

There are two possible undergraduate online psychology degrees:

1. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

B.A. online psychology degree would be perfect for those who think of providing social services. It could be a good advancement toward Master’s in psychology.

2. Bachelor of Science in Psychology

You should get a B.Sc. online psychology degree if you are interested in getting on the business track. You will study human resources, management, leadership development as a part of your curriculum.

Undergraduate online psychology degree will take you four years. However, some online schools practice accelerated Bachelor’s degree programs as well. If you choose this kind of online psychology program, you’ll be able to get your degree faster and less expensive.

Graduate Online Psychology Degree

To practice independently you have to be licensed by state. And for this you must proceed your studying for Master’s and Doctoral degrees. Higher level means more job opportunities and better salaries for you. And it’s exactly what you need! To turn psychology into a rewarding career you must be well educated. So what about graduate online psychology degree?

1. Master in Psychology

Online psychology Master’s degree will take you another two years. There is a great number of graduate online psychology degree programs across the US. If you want to choose among the best schools, then consider the following:

Graduate online psychology programs provide a broad education in clinical, social and educational psychology.

2. Psychology Doctorate Degree

Not so many schools offer online psychology doctorate degree since the demand is quite low. However, if you hold a strong interest in psychology and aim at prosperous and well-paid career, then the highest degree is to the point. Altogether it’ll take you 7 years to complete this online psychology degree. You can do this through the following universities:

There is one more type of online psychology programs. These are so called Hybrid Programs. It’s a mix of on-campus classes and online sessions. Choosing online hybrid program you’ll be required to attend classes on weekly or monthly basis.

Online psychology degree programs can become a great way to get an interesting and well-paid career. BesidesPsychology Articles, they are really attractive as you can work and study at the same time. So why don’t you consider this option of psychology education?

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Rorschach: Psychology’s Most Controversial Test

Rorschach: Psychology’s Most Controversial Test

For decades, people have used the Rorschach Test to diagnose mental illnesses and determine personality traits, which hasn’t always been the best idea. But modern studies suggest that this test actually can tell us some things about the way people see the world.

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By definition psychology is, “The study of the psyche,” which means, “the soul”, and psychologists have no idea of what the psyche is or if it even exists. Most psychologists don’t believe the soul exists outside of their personal religious affiliations. Therefore, unlike other sciences, psychology has no subject of focus and dismisses the very existence of its central focus, the psyche. A review of most areas of psychology would adequately demonstrate that one encounters “undesirable” abstract terms throughout psychology. It is a discipline fraught with dilemma. Not just the psyche, but consciousness, personality, ego, mind and similar terms common throughout psychology refer to abstractions that can be demonstrated, but cannot be assigned a definite and precise tangent in physical time and space.

Sigmund Freud, a physician and neurologist, breathed new life into psychology by introducing new ideas about sexuality and the new technique of psychoanalysis. He brought a deterministic slant to psychology that rendered the science somewhat more grounded in physical reality; but he did not eliminate the general dilemma of psychology and, indeed, he may even have given rise to new problems of a similar nature. Furthermore, his ideas, filled with concepts of sex, were generally viewed as scandalous.

Like psychology, the life sciences have their own undesirable but recurring issues that they have attempted to sweep under the rug or dismiss, but without success. Perhaps most of these issues have bearing on psychology as well. Psychology and the rest of today’s science have lost sight of the value and significance of the psyche. Valuable information and data about the psyche is always dismissed or ignored in science, even in psychology, the science of that is supposed to study the psyche.

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Best Things To Do in Rome

The beauties of Rome extend across its landscape and are a compelling blend of the ancient Renaissance. Classically imposed are the Colosseum and Roman Forums, while the exterior of the Pantheon has a splendid structure. St. Peter’s Square and Basilica are masterpieces of the Renaissance, while brilliantly ornate fountains and statues greet you at every turn of the city’s streets.

When you enter the churches, churches, museums and galleries of Rome you will find awe-inspiring paintings and sculptures that cover all the eras and great names of Western art. These range from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceilings to Rafael and murals to murals depicting Bernini’s magnificent fountains of caravaggio. A visit to Rome, however, is much more than a stroll through art and architecture. Sipping coffee or an aperitif in a street café, or while you’re enjoying a beer in the vista from the rooftops and piazzas, is a part of the tourist experience in most romantic cities in this city.

It is easy to get away for a full day in Vatican City, west of the Tiber River. When you do this, you are entering the smallest state in the world. Cross the Tiber and with Via Della Conciliazione can pass Castel Sant’Angelo imposing ability before entering the Vatican. Finally, with the grandeur of St. Peter’s Square its grand Bernini colonnade and central obelisk opens in front of you.

Across the square is the St. Peter’s Basilica, which is topped by the highest dome in the world. Taking the stairs or the elevator to the viewing gallery is essential for spectacular views of an everlasting city.

While a trip to Rome is easy to fill with the cultural wonders found in every guidebook, it also has a hidden side. The city’s population of wild cats is pampered at the Torre Argentina excavation site, which is a delight for passersby cameras, while the French-style gardens of Doria Pamphili near the district of Trastevere are often overlooked by visitors. The last resting place of the English Romantics, Shelley and Keats, is in Rome. They lie in the beautiful Protestant cemetery on Via Caio Cestio. With its grand marble monuments, it provides a peaceful respite from the bustle of the city.



Rome is a popular tourist destination around the year so use our travel tips to help plan your trip. In August, many locals take their vacations and head to the coast, so the city is pacified to close some neighborhood shops and restaurants. The Holy Week of Easter is always a busy time, so it is advisable to book your hotel in advance.


With most museums closed on Mondays, the Vatican’s museums are closed on Sundays, and the city is filled with small visitors every weekend, be flexible with your travel plans and travel from Tuesday to Friday. Not only museums and visitor attractions, but cafes and restaurants will be slightly less crowded.



Try and avoid the summer months when the temperature is below 30 ° C. In contrast, the ideal months to get out of Rome’s cafes and terraces are April, May, September and October. To really defeat the crowd, though, think about coming during the winter months. You’ll need a warm coat and perhaps an umbrella, but the temperature is never less than freezing.

This is it. These are some of the things you can do while on your visit to Rome. Hope you have a memorable trip.

Tips to Diagnose OBD 2 system

OBD 2 is short for the second version of Onboard
Diagnostic. When a car’s diagnostic system detects a problem, it will create an
error code, which will trigger the Check Engine light comes on the dashboard.
You can read these error codes with a scan tool that connects to a car’s
diagnostic connector which usually located beneath the dashboard. But an OBD 2
scan tool cannot be used on every car. It is not reverse compatible; it will
not operate on cars which produced before 1996. A diagnostic scanner, no matter
the coding system, will only give you the reported error code, not the meaning
of the code. The following is the processes.

Step1: Search for the leg space of your car;
you are looking for a diagnostic connector. This plug receptor is the entry
point into your car’s OBD diagnostic system. It should be in plain sight,
somewhere near the steering. This connector takes a 16 pin plug, so it is much bigger
than a computer’s USB port, its shape is like a trapezium.

Step2: Insert the diagnostic scan tool’s
16-pin plug into the diagnostic connector. It should fit easily, and you no
need to force it.

Step3: Power the OBD 2 scan tool on and
wait for it to boot up completely, which shouldn’t take long. Turn your car’s
key into the ignition and power the car on. Wait several seconds as the scan
tool establishes a working connection with the car’s computer. Once it does, a
diagnostic code should appear on the scanner screen

Step4: Write down the codes from the OBD 2
scanner, look up the scanner service manual, or just enter the reported error
code into a search engine. You may also want to add the manufacturer’s name. Such
as, searching “Bens P1089” will land you on a code list with the translation,
“O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response in Lean Control

Choose keywords from the code’s definition,
and then insert these into the search engine to find a greater translation of
your car’s problem. This will help you make the determination on whether or not
you want to try the repair job yourself. If you determine to ask for a
mechanicArticle Submission, you will also have the ability to tell him what exactly problem is.

The Biggest bronze Ganesha in the world MUST SEE – Amazing (Thailand )

The Biggest bronze Ganesha in the world MUST SEE – Amazing (Thailand )

The Biggest bronze Ganesha in the world MUST SEE – Amazing (Thailand )

The bronze standing Ganesha, This is the biggest bronze standing Ganesha in the world, Standing 30 meters in height, 40 meters including the base.

Ganesha has 4 arms carrying a Banana, Sugarcane, Mango and a Jack.

Made from Copper, Nickel, Manganese, Silicon, Zinc, Iron, Cadmium,Silver and Gold.

Location : Tumbon Klong Kuen, Cha Choeng Sao province.

We are based in Thailand, so if you guys have a Youtube channel and want to do something fun together, let me know.

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Tigers Eye Stone Properties


Tiger’s Eye, a form of chatoyant quartz, and is found in Brazil, Australia, Myanmar, South Africa and India. It is a beautiful stone with a variety of interesting properties, including its appearance and composition. There are several shades in chatoyant quartz; Tiger’s Eye features shades of brown, other forms display shades of red, green and blue.Tiger’s Eye is made of oxygen and silicon, one part silicon to two parts oxygen. It is known also as a pseudomorph, or, as explained in the book “Gems of the World” by Cally Oldershaw, “the result of one mineral replacing another.” Tiger’s Eye is a pseudomorph of crocidolite and the gem itself is made of fibers of quartz, which create its shiny and unique appearance. Along with its layers of fibers, tigers eye has a trigonal crystal system.This layered and shimmering appearance of the stone is mostly caused by the layers of different fibers; however, in the rough, these tigers eye stones lack the shimmer and color differentiation that often associated with the stone, as the fibers are concealed. During the cutting process, these fibers are revealed, allowing the noted appearance to be seen. The stone tends to be a yellow and brown colored, sometimes with shades of gray or red. The color of Tiger’s Eye quartz occurs naturally, but some other forms of chatoyant quartz are the result of acid or heat treatments. The brown colors come from the process of oxidation the stone undergoes during its transformation from crocidolite to quartz.Tiger’s Eye rates a seven according to Mohs scale of hardness and has a refractive index of 1.544. With its composition of oxygen and silicon, it is classified as a silicate. Some pieces of Tiger’s Eye may be semi-translucent, allowing some light to pass through the stone, and some other pieces are opaque, letting no light pass through. Tiger’s Eye is a sturdy gem as it is resistant to fractures in the structure. For jewelry  making purposes, tigers eye is best featured in a cabochon cut (a circular or oval shape with a domed surface), which allows for the variety of fibers and colors to be reflected nicely.

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Tiger’s Eye gemstone is a lucky stone for Leo and Capricorn. Chrysoberyl cat’s eye is another more expensive and valuable chatoyant variety of gemstone.

Thai Amulets – a Documentary about Buddhist amulet worship

Thai Amulets – a Documentary about Buddhist amulet worship

Documentary on Thai Buddhist Amulets in English Lanaguage.

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Thailand-Amulets — Sacred amulets from Thailand for Health, Wealth, Luck Love and Happiness — Thai Amulets, Buddhist Amulet — Magic Charms, Talismans and Bucha Statues.


Boys and girls between 1 to 15 years are available for both domestic and inter-country adoption in Thailand.  In truth, however, very few children under 1 can be adopted. Also, children over 10 are often referred to Thai adoptive families.  Both healthy and special-needs children are available for adoption.  Prospective adopters must be ready to accept that the “healthy” children may have some developmental frailties in their motor, speech, cognitive or social skills.  These infirmities are universally present in all children who had been institutionalized during their tender years.Couples planning to adopt must be ready to adopt a child of either gender. If the gender issue is relevant to an applicant’s family or his race, they must specify this issue in their application. Specifying the gender preference in the application will, however, not guarantee that the preference shall be granted.   Adopting more than one child is not possible in Thailand, unless the children to be adopted are twins or siblings.  A person may adopt a relative. It is also possible for a step-parent to formally adopt a step-child. The procedure for relative and step-child is adoption is relatively simpler because the procedure for child-matching is dispensed with.

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This article was provided by Siam Legal, an international law firm with offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Phuket, and Samui. Siam Legal publishes legal guides to adopting in Thailand on its website.Siam Legal InternationalInterchange 21 Building, 23rd Floor, 399 Sukhumvit RoadNorth Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110Tel: 662 259-8100

Faith and believe associated with wealth amulet and Buddha statue

For centuries, there has been certain practices of unraveling and understanding the weird, mysterious spiritual connections whose charms can be strongly sensed by some sorcerers and practitioners of hex and charms and supernatural magic forces, and these are often associated to be the messengers of good luck

Such manifestations of these supernatural forces are believed religiously by large cosmopolitans around the globe, which have resulted in the influx of several charms talismans that found their way into the global market. Such amulets are often considered to be enchanted with some divine miraculous powers that possess the capability of changing the Fate of the humans who are devoted believers of unexplained mysterious force. For thousands of years, amulets have been sought as the bearer of good luck and therefore, even today, they’re widely available, even in the online shopping forums.

Before digging deeper into the value of amulets, one should always enlighten themselves about the actual usage of amulets. An amulet is any sort of safeguarding material that explains the protection against the lurking evil forces. The prehistoric times describes amulets to be bringer of fertility and good health for women & children as it can be obtained from the engravings of Roman civilizations. Some of the ancient amulets and charm talismans are often sought by traders and wealth tycoons for their priceless value and the history they bear. These bearers of good luck were especially popular among the Buddhist culture, where people still worship Buddha statue, whichis believed to the charm of good luck and health in every household. The presence of amulets is prolific among the Buddhist culture, where several manifestations of such items seem to be available. Although the most common form of talisman is Buddha statue, whichis marketed globally, even over the digital market at the exchange of fairly inexpensive credit, there seems to be a wide demand of other talismans as well among the Asian origins, especially about the wealth amulets which are considered to be the safeguards of fortune.

It is essential to know about the variations of wealth amulets around the globe. When it comes to wealth, the value of amulets would always remain promiscuous, because they’re the gatekeepers for the safety of fortune. Of late, the value various Chinese wealth amulets have gained the limelight of the trade market. One such talisman is three-legged frog which possess a great deal of historical importance. It’s marketed in the form of golden color and the 3 legs represent the symbol of compassion. Evidently, this frog is also casted and available in another form; in which it hold 1-3 coins in its mouth signifying protection to wealth.

Another manifestation of wealth amulet is the Greedy Dragon of Ambition, which also holds a Chinese historical background. This talisman signifies its commanding spirit over aquaFind Article, which is essentially another important contributor for wealth and harvest. Such wealth amulets have gained international acclaims and people are often seen hanging or keeping them facing towards a particular direction inside their abode.

Effective Laos Amulets To Keep Evil At Bay

The amulet is a charm that is generally known for its power to protect from danger. It is an ornament that may be used as a pendant or like charm objects that hang from necklaces

They may come in the form of statues, coins, rings. Some are also like chants in Sanskrit and Pali embroidered on tapestries. Anything of the sort is a potential amulet and can be used as a charm to ward off evil from your home and your life.

About amulets

Amulets being a very cultural religious concept differ from culture to culture, country to country and religion to religion. Different cultures have their own amulets and they are more popular among pagan cultures than others. In ancient Rome, images of pagan gods on gemstones, like amethyst, ruby, emerald was a charm to ward off evil. In China and Japan, fulu, a style of calligraphy was used. In Christianity for instance, the crucifix is one of the amulets. It is worn by Christians around the world in the form of pendants and bracelets or carried as the rosary Scapulars and the holy water to qualify.

Types of Laos amulets

Black magic voodoo and keeping of amulets and charms are a big part of the culture of south Asia. Laos amulets in particular are known to be a big part of the culture and customs. Vietnamese amulets are broadly of four types. The first is the khurang rang. They are mostly the potent objects available naturally like certain ores and rare seeds amongst others. This is mostly worn by poorer people and thereby comparatively more popular as well. The second type is the phra khruang. This is the image of the Buddha in a pendant or tablet shaped charms or sometimes even a small statue in metal or clay. This is among the most popular ones that claim to protect the entire household from evil and curse. The third is a kuryung pul sek, they are spells or incantations. The fourth is a wan ya, the use of plants and root to create medicines. It is the art of communicating with spirits.

Antique shops in Laos store a variety of amulets ranging from the Buddha charms to lord Vishnu and the Trishula. The Garuda Khmer dagger is a dagger with intricate patterns made on it. Generally in clay this amulet is meant to be carried along. Meed Mor magical knife is available in quite a few variants in design. While one is shaped like a serpent, another looks like a regular knife. Another type of amulets includes the Buddha structures. Phra kru lopburi thai seated Buddha is the most traditional structure of the Buddha. This is available in the form of statues or charms and pendants known for its property to ward off evil. The Lord Vishnu amulet bangle and the sudarshana chakra are also among these. Generally, amulets are little replicas of those instruments that offer self defense like knives and daggers and knuckles. Other than these, they are idols of Gods and pendants or tiny rings that have chants engraved. When you have a power you believe in close to youArticle Submission, a feeling of being able to overcome evil comes naturally. This is what the amulet does.