Reiki Attunement Defined

 There are many words for a person’s energy. You may
hear it called life force, ki, qui, prana or many other variations. Usui Reiki
uses just one unique form of universal energy that differs from life force
energy. That’s why you have to open to this particular form of universal
energy. Mikao Usui was connected directly to a very strong type of universal
energy but all through history people have used or connected to other forms.


Whenever you get an attunement from a Reiki teacher,
there’s a shift that occurs within your body, mind and spirit because your
pathway to the universe is opening to let more universal energy flow through
you. If you want to be totally open so that you can be with the universe, you’ll
have to study and practice for years. Mikao Usui spent years taking in all
sorts of knowledge before he reached his first awakening. It was only after his
second awakening following 3 years of disciplined Zen practice and deep
meditation that he connected to the universal energy.


Even though the phrase “Reiki attunement” has become
quite popular, many people don’t truly understand what it means. An attunement
is just the first step to opening yourself to receive universal energy. Only
people that are serious about Reiki and all it has to offer can truly understand
what a Reiki attunement is.


Mikao Usui never became a doctor but he did travel a
path that allowed him to leave his mark on the world. While medical doctors
aren’t required to study Reiki, it’s not uncommon to find trained and qualified
medical doctors that are also Reiki students or masters. These doctors can
apply healing in many different ways following the receiving of their


You may feel as if you’ve received the feeling of an
attunement from someone that wasn’t connected to the universal energy. There
are different energies inside of you that aren’t universal energies, which
means they aren’t Reiki. The energy known as Reiki is unique from any other. A
Reiki attunement can’t be described as any other type of energy.


Something to keep in mind is that vibrations of
harmony and love that universal energy provides always feel the same. However,
the person through which this energy flows can change the feeling, look and
smell of the energy.If you wish to learn about Reiki and what a true attunement
is likeFeature Articles, the choice to follow this path is open to everyone. Just be aware that
no all paths go to the same place.


Types of Chalcedony


Chalcedony is the name for a group of stones made of cryptocrystalline or microcrystalline variety of quartz, this means that without high magnification, the quartz crystals are too small to be seen. Stones which included in this group are jasper, agate, petrified wood, fire agate, bloodstone, tiger eye, chrysoprase, carnelian, onyx and sardonyx. The name of the gem is derived from the name of the ancient Greek town called as Chalkedon in Asia Minor.Chalcedony is found in the form of rounded crusts, rinds, and stalactites in volcanic and sedimentary rocks. It has a transparent, vitreous luster and a white streak. It has a conchoidal (curved) fracture and density of 2.61 gram per cubic centimeter. It is also piezoelectric. They are generally formed near the surface of the earth where pressures and temperatures are relatively low. Chalcedony is not rare and can be found worldwide and in almost every color including white, brown, black, brownish red, yellow, orange, lavender, blue, light to dark green and white. In the case of jaspers and agates, you can find them with combinations of those colors. The stone is durable, abundant, beautiful and takes a good polish, this makes chalcedony an excellent stone for jewelry. In jewelry usage, the name chalcedony is used  to refer to the white or lightly colored pieces. Since chalcedony is porous stone, it is often dyed into any preferred color. Early humans used chalcedony as knife tips, bowls, tools and cups. It has also been used ornamentally for hundred of years because of its durability and ability to be polished. Chalcedony gemstones is priced rather inexpensively due to the wide variety of the gem available in the market, but stones with good color, clarity and striking features command high prices.Although the availability of the different forms of chalcedony varies, the semi precious gemstones can be found worldwide. Brazil, Uruguay and Turkey also have large deposits of chalcedony. Chrysoprase can be found in Russia, Germany and Eastern European countries, Canada, the United States and Brazil. Germany is home to significant amounts of agate.It was believed Chalcedony has the ability to help people develop the emotional balance, kindness, stamina, generosity, receptivity, responsiveness, friendliness and charity. It was considered to heal the physical problems like leukemia, fever, eye problem etc. It absorbs negative energy. It has one unique property of balancing the energy of the human emotions, mind, body and spirit.

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Chalcedony gemstone members are associated with most of the zodiac signs except Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer and Sagittarius.

What the Matter Is

When my oldest boy was really young, he tickled my mother with that phrase. I would ask him, “What’s the matter?” and he would answer me, “Well, what the matter is…” followed by whatever it was that he needed to discuss with me. He would say it with that very serious face that children get when they are expecting to be taken very seriously. We all loved the cute way he prefaced his concerns.

I overheard my daughter talking to my two year old the other day and it caused me to remember those days long ago when her older brother used to talk about ‘what the matter is.’ At thirteen, Sissy is a natural healer and nurturer. She hovers over her baby brother kissing all of his owies and making sure that life is gentle and kind to him. We have many debates over just how much mothering is smothering, but that’s another topic for another day. What caught my attention that day was that while our little Buddha Napoleon was whining and grumbling in his two year old lingo, she was continually asking him, “What’s wrong?” She repeatedly asked it in the most loving and dear voice. “What’s wrong?” You could definitely tell that she was genuinely concerned and wanted to know what was bothering him and how could she help. “What’s wrong?” Over and over she asked him, “What’s wrong?” as he babbled incoherently at her about something that was obviously ‘wrong’ in his world.

I found myself getting really annoyed. But why? I began thinking about why that question repeated in such a sugar coated voice was bothering me so deeply. Then it hit me. This is the core of where we learn to think that something is wrong with our lives. It’s that question asked of us since the cradle. “What’s wrong?” That gets us thinking that something is actually wrong.

I told her to shift her question to “What’s the matter?” I told her that it means the same as “What’s the topic?” She could also say, “Tell me why you are upset.” Or ask him “Why are you crying?” She could also ask him, “How can I help?” Make the conversation about the topic or event without actually assuming that something in life must be ‘wrong’. Just because we are upset or frustrated doesn’t mean that life is wrong.

Asking someone, “What’s wrong?” immediately puts them into the mind frame of describing what is wrong with their circumstances. They focus only on the negative and not on problem solving or solutions. They aren’t focused on their own role in creating the situation. By asking someone, “What’s wrong?” we are doing them a disservice. We are sending them down the wrong path. The goal should be to guide them towards finding peace within the moment, towards finding solutions, towards self esteem and other things that help them move through the difficult times in their life.

Funny thing words, such power can come from a small shift in vocabulary. My personal favorite is to ask, “So tell me, what do you need?” Another favorite is, “So, what do you want to do about it?” This immediately puts them into a place of looking at a future where the negative circumstances is no longer perceived as such. What skills and tools would help them to overcome their problem? These types of questions also open up the door so that I can also propose that they might need to make a shift in attitude towards the problem or person bothering them. From that point, we can begin to take inventory of what skills and tools they already posses. We can begin looking at how to implement the changes they want to see. We can also begin brainstorming for ways to manifest whatever skills or tools they might need to acquire. It’s a very solution oriented question. Quite often, I don’t end up doing much of anything to actually fix their problem. Mostly, I just pose the right questions to get their minds moving in a different direction other than being angry or hurt by their experiences. If they really need my help, then naturally I roll up my sleeves and pitch in, but rarely do they need anything more than a different attitude and approach to life’s ups and downs.

This change in how we can show our care and compassion towards others applies to everyone regardless of age. Try it the next time a coworker is grumbling about the boss. Ask them, “Well, what do you think we should do to start making changes around here?” The next time your teenager starts sniveling about how unfair life is, ask them, “How do you propose we make it more fair for everyone involved and not just you?” When you find your spouse looking like they’re close to tears, ask “How can I help you to feel better?” These types of questions get the person looking forward towards a time when they might not be miserable anymore.

With little kids especially, it would really help to use these kinds of questions to mold their original understandings about problem solving. It’s better to get them used to looking towards creating a life they find joyful rather than towards finding fault with the world. We cannot just fix everything for them, and we cannot teach them to whine and complain. We have to teach them that it is possible to turn adversity into opportunity. We really owe it to our children to teach them how to open up and ask for help when they are overwhelmed. At the same time, we have to make sure they know they will be solving their own problems. It’s never too soon to teach our children how to take responsibility for what kind of experiences they are having. Help them when the really need it, but most of the time they just need to be reminded that they’re perfectly capable of fixing it themselves.

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How to Buy Genuine Swarovski Pendants

He also made use of special treatments which allowed the
crystals to produce unique colours making them perfect for jewellery making.


Swarovski jewellery is synonymous with
sparkle and style and is the perfect balance between high-fashion glamour and
timeless crystal items that can be treasured for a lifetime. Nowadays Swarovski
jewellery is the definition of elegance and style. Swarovski jewellery comes in
many different forms, is inexpensive and is suitable for any occasion.
Swarovski pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings are extremely
popular items of jewellery and this is due to the fact that they are lot
cheaper than diamonds but have the same shimmer and sparkle. The shine of
Swarovski crystals is unmatched and many designers now use Swarovski crystals
in their jewellery and these items are very popular amongst the Hollywood


There is nothing quite like a Swarovski
crystal when it comes to catching the eye of those around you and they are
sought after by jewellery lovers all over the world. The range of Swarovski
jewellery is simply amazing and whether you want a pair of sparkling earrings,
a shining bracelet or a luxury Swarovski pendant you are guaranteed to find the
perfect piece of jewellery to match your chosen outfit.


When you decide that you are going to buy
yourself to Swarovski pendants then it is extremely important to remember to
avoid sham retailers who are claiming to sell authentic Swarovski
pendants.  Because of the rapid increase
in popularity of Swarovski jewellery there has been an increase in the number
of retailers who are just looking to make money quickly by selling fake
Swarovski pendants, earringPsychology Articles, necklaces and bracelets.


Before you buy any item of Swarovski crystal
jewellery you should check the certificate of authenticity.  If the seller is a reputable and genuine
Swarovski dealer then there should be no problem with them showing you the
certificate. You can also check the Swarovski logo as this is a seal that can
be used to identify a real Swarovski crystal from a fake one. Check the
reputation of the seller before you purchase anything and compare prices
between different dealers.


Another advantage to buying Swarovski pendants
and other forms of jewellery is that they are easy to maintain. You can easily
clean your Swarovski jewellery at home and there is no need to incur further
costs by sending it off to a professional to be cleaned. If you take proper
care of your Swarovski pendants they will shine and sparkle forever.

What To Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On – AutoZone

What To Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On – AutoZone

When your check engine light comes on, you need to know what’s causing the problem. With a code scanner from AutoZone, you can read obd2 codes and quickly see what you’re dealing with. Here is a step-by-step guide to hooking up the code scanner and getting a reading you can act on. Get readings from the throttle position sensor, the exhaust gas recirculation valve, the crankshaft position sensor, the mass air flow sensor, the coolant temperature sensor, and the camshaft position sensor. Keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. Check engine codes immediately with a handheld code reader from AutoZone.


10 Amazing Techniques For Website Marketing

Do you own a business website and looking forward to its marketing? Here are 10 amazing tips that can help you to start marketing for your business website in the best way possible. Though these techniques aren’t quite hard to implement, but if you don’t have much idea about this field then it is better that you hire a digital marketing firm that can do the job for you.

Have you built a new website and got all the content published, and all the things appear to be great? But, now you have a huge dilemma; how do you bring some visitors to your site? Regrettably, people aren’t basically planning to arrive on their own, regardless of how inviting your site appears to be. Instead, you must carry out a good SEO strategy to obtain the targeted traffic for your site.

Allow us to share some of the easiest methods to begin promoting your site. While some might cost you money, but it’s essential if you need your website to exhibit any obvious returns for your business.


Initially is about social networking websites. It is vitally probable that higher numbers of your targeted consumers are applying social networking on a normal basis. Utilise this excellent chance to make a huge following for your online business on the most preferred social networking platforms and guide your new followers to your web site. Several of the most preferred websites for businesses are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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In terms of the content with your social media profile, you would like your posts to get written in a conversational and easy to understand way. Content should be a mirror for your enterprise’ branding, having blogs & articles that your customers would have an interest in and share important details about the industry. Rather than immediate selling, firms have to be consistently valuable and non-intrusive. Your posts need to normally bring back readers again for more information.


Web optimisation is very efficient for small size enterprises on Google’s mainly because of the latest prominence given to the local search engine results. Even though the exact particulars on which Google bases their results haven’t been made officially public, yet some well-acknowledged & best procedures to optimise your website involve:

By pursuing finest methods and regularly researching what’s operating well and utilising any required improvements, it is possible to enhance your website to rank remarkably well in SEPRs (Search Engine’s Results Pages). Apart from that, it is possible to tune your keywords to achieve extra segments or maybe more specific niches as your organization evolves. 

For elaborate search engine optimisation techniques like on page and off page optimisation, it’s generally better to get in touch with your web design firm for more guidance.


In Pay Per Click Advertising and marketing, promotion outlets such as Google AdWords are used to place ads on the search engine results for your selected keywords and phrases. The money paid to Google, is determined by the volume of occasions users click on your adverts and just how competitive the ‘bid’ is for that specific search term. You can even control your spending budget, so that your expenditure doesn’t goes out of hand if more and more people click on your advert than you predicted.


For the reason that Pay Per Click (PPC) entails investing income, it truly is wise to do some analysis or find good tips. However, this internet marketing process is generally really worth purchasing, as it’s really a remarkable successful technique of getting targeted traffic with a better conversion rate.


Generating new traffic is only winning half the fight as you should have the capabilities to convert that traffic coming to your site. Ensure that critical pages which new guests are likely to communicate with (such as the About us page, Home page along with other important Landing Web pages) are up to date and effective enough to influence the visitors to take a certain action. Ensure that website copy is quite catchy, apparent, personable and informative. It must communicate your small business’ value and function in the best possible manner.


While there has long been some detrimental publicity about Email Marketing over time mainly because of the mass-spamming, Email Marketing and advertising remains a hugely thriving strategy of selling. In reality Email Marketing nevertheless retains the title for accomplishing the best Return On Investment (ROI) when compared to other inbound promoting procedures.

As a first step, you can start by making a mailing listing and provides users a fantastic reason to opt in. This will likely be performed with some kind of totally free giveaway, which demands the visitor’s email id’s submission to acquire the motivation. The following e-mail campaigns are then utilised to direct individuals to your business site for various specific reasons. Email marketing offers one the best conversion rates and it’s comparatively easy and cost effective to create.


The more PR is done from your side, the greater exposure will unfold for your online business. Press releases are an incredible option to promote your small business whenever you’ve got an announcement to make related to a promotion of new product or service and so forth. Whilst press releases on their own might be a bit costly, these are a terrific way to be selected by business bloggers and enhance your Search Engine Optimisation back-link profile.

Remember that PR doesn’t only rely just on Press Releases. Start by developing a Google My Business profile and guaranteeing all online platforms are in step with your Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics. If you’re actually tight on budget, you can even submitting press releases on your business site and implementing more cost effective promoted posts on social websites to bring in visitors to your post and eventually on your website.


When you have lots of delighted online shoppers, they’re more likely to promote your online business with recommendations and optimistic responses. To optimize this outcome, ensure your presence in the platforms where your targeted shoppers are more likely to be or leave evaluations for you.

Not just this, but in the event you run into some unfavourable evaluations you’ll be able to seize the chance to handle the issue skilfully in a public forum. Be certain that you should be on a regular basis monitoring and commenting on any platform which might be related to your market.


At the moment, Video clip is a crucial thing for internet marketing and YouTube is the biggest video hosting platform on the globe. Video continues to be proven force to raise consumer engagement and customer conversion. Some videos often become quite viral, however they don’t really have to become viral to be powerful. Also opposite to well known belief, the videos don’t require a lot of money to be produced.


Majority of the social websites platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, also give the opportunity to put into practice paid advertisements to help make your business site visible to broader viewers. These adverts work in a comparable strategy to Google’s Adwords, as these are also efficiently PPC. Keep these ads user specific and to achieve an improved conversion rate.

Focus on audiences with remarketing, by placing a tracking cookie with your website visitors’ browser so when they surf the net they keep getting ads about products and services offered by your firm. This technique has shown bigger achievements and will works wonderfully for e-Commerce websites as they can be easily targeted.


In addition to most of these online marketing strategies, you furthermore may have to reach in your offline consumers. This can be done with help of your business cards, and in many cases your signage to include your business site’s URL. By focusing on offline advertising and marketing for your site, you can raise your targeted traffic and re-engage your current consumers.

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When you apply these ten techniquesFree Articles, your targeted traffic will start to increase and your site will turn into a precious spot for visitors to return to. This is what you need to do so that you can generate high quality traffic that would eventually transform into clients and high sales.

5 Cheap Luxury Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They're Expensive!

5 Cheap Luxury Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They're Expensive!

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The Art Of Meditation

These benefits include more energy and positive state of mind. Studies have also recently shown that meditation increases the level of melatonin. A hormone that supports your immune system. Therefore making your immune system stronger and making you healthier. This horomone also slows down the signs of aging, increases better sleep patterns, increases your energy level and may even inhibit cancer cells from growing.

If you do not know anything about meditation, or have never tried it before, do not worry. Meditation is something that takes a certain amount of meditation, concentration and desire. You have to want to meditate and want to do it successfully. Meditation can change your life if you do it correctly. If you do not do it correctly, than you are just wasting your time. For maximum benefit you should try to meditate for at least 20minutes a day before you go to sleep. Below are some great steps for you to follow beginning your new adventure to meditation.


First find a quiet and comfortable place. Sit on the floor or in a chair, whichever is more comfortable for you and sit with your neck and back straight, but not stiff. Do your best to keep all thoughts of the past or the future out of your mind and just focus on the present.

Now become aware of your breathing. Listen to the air enter and leave your mouth. Feel your stomach rise and fall with each breath. Pay attention to the way that each breath is different from the one before it. This will keep you completely in the present.

Sit back and watch the thoughts pass through your mind, good or bad. Do not react to these thoughts but do not ignore them either. Simply note them and remain in your calm and relaxed state of breathing.

You may find that you get carried off in your thoughts. Do not get discouraged, just understand where your mind went and return back to your breathing. This is natural.

At the end of your meditation time, take an extra few minutes to become aware of where you are and stand up slowly.

This is the perfect step by step guide for beginners of meditation. Meditation can be a great alternative method for any and every disease or illness. Meditation brings out to a state of relaxation that no other can. Once you master meditation it instantly becomes something that you will always want to do. Something that you want to focus your life around.

Meditation is a skill that has been dismissed by a lot of people before they even learn about it or try it for themselves. It is a known fact that stress and anxiety sometimes causes or even worsens any condition of illness that a person may have. Why not try a method that can reduce if not eliminate altogether the stress in your life and the unnecessary anxiety? It will be extremely difficult to master at first, but once you understand the skill of this new treatment, you are well on your way to an alternative treatment that works for you.

Meditation is not for everyone. You must have the dedication and a large amount of self discipline. Without self discipline you have no chance of using this treatment to your benefit. Be serious when you begin your meditation research and your treatmentsFind Article, it will work for you.

4 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for beginners to make money online. You do not need your own products, deal with customer support, or even have your own website. There is a low level of entry and the profit potential is very exciting.

The following 4 affiliate marketing tips will get your online affiliate journey headed off into the right direction to maximize your earnings:

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs – It is important to look at the average lifetime customer value per each sale that you make. So an initial low ticket sale can add up to a high ticket commission over the lifetime of that new customer. Monthly recurring affiliate programs are one of the best ways to do this. The conversions are often not much lower than selling a one-off purchase, yet the commission will come back each month.

Personal Development – Making money online as an affiliate marketer is about the mindset, and not so much about the marketing strategies. If you believe you deserve lots of money and will succeed in your business then half the battle is won. Many people approach this as something they will “give a whirl” and “see what happens” and they often act as a victim by saying “I am so overwhelmed”. But if you have a positive attitude and make the decision to make your online business work, no matter what, then nothing can stop you.

Learn Internet Marketing – The ability to make money online stems from being able to drive traffic with internet marketing. So look learn the essentials of how to get traffic. It is a good idea to learn a combination of free traffic methods such as article marketing, SEO and video marketing, plus paid advertising with email solo ads and pay per click campaigns. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and ensure you have a constant stream of leads arriving each day from a variety of different traffic sources.

Promote High Ticket Affiliate Products – You can earn the big money by selling products that pay out commissions in the thousands of dollars. It only takes one or two sales of these high ticket products a month to make an excellent living wage. Many newbies try to sell hundreds of low ticket ebooksFind Article, but it takes exactly the same amount of time and effort to sell expensive products than it does to sell cheap products. So why short change yourself?

Blues for Buddha

Blues for BuddhaBy Jed McKennaBeing critical of Buddhism isn’t easy.Buddhism is the most likable of the major religions, and Buddhists are the perennial good guys of modern spirituality. Beautiful traditions, lovely architecture, inspiring statuary, ancient history, the Dalai Lama — what’s not to like?

Everything about Buddhsim is just so… nice. No fatwahs or jihads, no inquisitions or crusades, no terrorists or pederasts, just nice people being nice. In fact, Buddhism means niceness. Nice-ism. At least, it should.

Buddha means Awakened One, so Buddhism can be taken to mean Awake-ism. Awakism. It would therefore be natural to think that if you were looking to wake up, then Buddhism, i.e., Awakism, would be the place to look.

The Light is Better Over Here

Such thinking, however, would reveal a dangerous lack of respect for the opposition. Maya, goddess of delusion, has been doing her job with supreme mastery since the first spark of self-awareness flickered in some chimp’s noggin, and the idea that the neophyte truth-seeker can just sign up with the Buddhists, read some books, embrace some new concepts and slam her to the mat might be a bit on the naive side. On the other hand, why not? How’d this get so turned around? It’s just truth. Shouldn’t truth be, like, the simplest thing? Shouldn’t someone who wants to find something as ubiquitous as truth be able to do so? And here’s this venerable organization supposedly dedicated to just that very thing, even named for it, so what’s the problem?

Why doesn’t Buddhism produce Buddhas?

The problem arises from the fact that Buddhists, like everyone else, insist on reconciling the irreconcilable. They don’t just want to awaken to the true, they also want to make sense of the untrue. They want to have their cake and eat it too, so they end up with nonsensical theories, divergent schools, sagacious doubletalk, and zero Buddhas. Typical of Buddhist insistence on reconciling the irreconcilable is the concept of Two Truths, a poignant two-word joke they don’t seem to get, and yet this sort of perversely irrational thinking is at the very heart of the failed search for truth. We don’t want truth, we want a particular truth; one that doesn’t threaten ego, one that doesn’t exist. We insist on a truth that makes sense given what we know, not knowing that we don’t know anything.

Nothing about Buddhism is more revealing than the Four Noble Truths which, not being true, are of pretty dubious nobility. They form the basis of Buddhism, so it’s clear from the outset that the Buddhists have whipped up a proprietary version of truth shaped more by market forces than any particular concern for the less consumer-friendly, albeit true, truth.

Yes, Buddhism may be spiritually filling, even nourishing, but insofar as truth is concerned, it’s junkfood. You can eat it every day of your life and die exactly as Awakened as the day you signed up.

Bait & Switch

Buddhism is a classic bait-and-switch operation. We’re attracted by the enlightenment in the window, but as soon as we’re in the door they start steering us over to the compassion aisle. Buddhists could be honest and change their name to Compassionism, but who wants that? There’s the rub. They can’t sell compassion and they can’t deliver enlightenment. This untruth-in-advertising is the kind of game you have to play if you want to stay successful in a business where the customer is always wrong. You can either go out of business honestly, or thrive by giving the people what they want. What they say they want and what they really want, though, are two very different things.

Me Me Me

o the outside observer, much of Buddhist knowledge and practice seems focused on spiritual self-improvement. This, too, is hard to speak against… except within the context of awakening from delusion. Then it’s easy. There is no such thing as true self, so any pursuit geared toward its aggrandizement, betterment, upliftment, elevation, evolution, glorification, salvation, etc, is utter folly. How much more so any endeavor undertaken merely to increase one’s own happiness or contentment or, I’m embarrassed to even say it, bliss? Self is ego and ego is the realm of the dreamstate. If you want to break free of the dreamstate, you must break free of self, not stroke it to make it purr or groom it for some imagined brighter future.

Maya’s House of Enlightenment

The trick with being critical of so esteemed and beloved an institution is not to get dragged down into the morass of details and debate. It’s very simple: If Buddhism is about enlightenment, people should be getting enlightened. If it’s not about enlightenment, they should change the sign. Of course, Buddhism isn’t completely unique in its survival tactics. This same gulf between promise and performance is found in all systems of human spirituality. We’re looking at it in Buddhism because that’s where it’s most pronounced. No disrespect to the Buddha is intended. If there was a Buddha and he was enlightened, then it’s Buddhism that insults his memory, not healthy skepticism. Blame the naked emperor’s retinue of tailors and lickspittles, not the boy who merely states the obvious.

Buddhism is arguably the most elevated of man’s great belief systems. If you want to enjoy the many valuable benefits it has to offer, then I wouldn’t presume to utter a syllable against it. But if you want to escape from the clutches of MayaArticle Search, then I suggest you take a very close look at the serene face on all those golden statues to see if it isn’t really hers.

-Jed McKenna