5 Great Thai Buddhist Masters & their Amulets

5 Great Thai Buddhist Masters & their Amulets

50 minutes long documentary which composes part one of a much longer academic documentary for serious collectors of classic Thai Buddhist amulets. Part two continues with the amulets of LP Kasem, and is now added and can be found here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQrCTUQUu6g&t=14s Part 3 is here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMiltuE-b6E This first part, of what is proving to look like a full series, more than one documentary, introduces the series, and deals with the first masters life story, and the first amulet of his large array of ultra collectible amulets. Representing the Northern Region, we have chosen to study the amulets of Luang Por Kasem Khemago, of the Samnak Songk Sussaan Dtrailaks – first amulet analysis/synopsis, is Rian Nang Hliaw 2514 BE Luang Por Kasem Khemago.
There is a part of the Narrative, which refers to ‘my laser pointer’. This is not yet added, and will be visible on the re-edited version, with new authentic HD footage of amulets and a laser pointer narrative. This version is just a first edit. Final edit will be more integrated.
Specialized Media Channel for Thai Amulet and Southeast Asian Occult Fans.

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