BSc Psychology at Southampton

The BSc
psychology degree offered by us at the University of Southampton is designed to
develop highly competent psychologists with a selection of transferable skills.

This BSc Psychology degree is recognised by the British
Psychological Society
and provides graduate basis for registration. Furthermore, because we are a
Russell Group university you will benefit from a committed research led ethos
throughout your studies.

In the first year of this BSc Psychology degree we lay the foundations for
understanding the basic principles of psychological theory; the research
methods and analysis that will be used; and introduce you to practical
psychology experiments. We also require you to select two non-psychology
options – encouraging you to widen your perspectives with subjects you may not
have tried previously.

In addition, during
your BSc Psychology studies you will cover material from each of the six key
research areas of psychology. These comprise: clinical psychology; cognitive
psychology; developmental psychology; health psychology; learning and behaviour
analysis; and social and personality psychology. Both research methods and
practical tuition will be extended in preparation for the final year project.

The wide selection
of optional modules offered in the final year of this BSc Psychology degree
allows you to specialise in whichever area of psychology you particularly
enjoyed during the second year. These seminar courses are based upon individual
reading and open discussion
of up to date research.

All BSc Psychology
students must also choose a topic for a literature review and a research paper,
which they complete under the supervision of a member of the School of Psychology.
The research paper will be the culmination of three years research training and
will constitute a valuable piece of psychological researchFree Reprint Articles, the best example of
which will be presented a cash prize by the School.

To find out more
about this BSc Psychology degree visit the Psychology at
the University of Southampton’s homepage at

Upcoming Cars India Volvo V60 Cross Country: Off-roading in a wagon? For sale

The Car Dictionary is a leading Indian platform to provide information and services about luxury Second Hand Cars. Upcoming cars In India,Car for sale in india

Back in 1997 the Swedish automaker Volvo introduced a brand that was derived from a wagon but had the off-roading capabilities as well, it was the Cross Country brand from Volvo, which along with Subaru anticipated the growth in the SUV market and imparted some all-terrain features to their famous wagons. At the LA auto show Volvo added another name in the Cross Country series as it unveiled the V60 Cross Country with some notable trims to its wagon format. The V60 CC will be the third model from the Volvo’s CC brand (the V70 CC & the V60 CC being the other two). Let us find out why does Volvo claim to bring the two worlds of sports and comfort together, in the rest of the article.

Upcoming cars In India It seems to be the strategy for the North-American market that if a wagon fails to deliver, then put some extra pair of wheels to work and here we are, the V60 Cross Country will be powered at all wheels with a turbocharged motor returning as the power-can of the V60 CC, this motor was earlier available on the V60 Estate models, but were discontinued later. The AWD 6-speed automatic transmission will be coupled to this turbocharged 2.5 litre T5 (5-cylinder) petrol engine that makes the numbers stop at 250 Hp and 361 Nm of torque. This powertrain is anticipated to be available in USA and Canada and will offer a low fuel efficiency of approximately 10 Kmpl, these numbers may sound very ordinary in front of the new carbon conscious yet powerful generation of vehicles, although the torque vectoring technology which is capable of transmitting variable torque to each of the 4 wheels, Hill Descent Control which is useful while descending a steep slope and the corner traction control technology try to make things interesting with better off roading characteristics.

While the wheel size offered will be 18 or 19 inches in the V60 CC, the outer body will become rugged and dust resistant with skid plates at the front & rear, fender extensions and side scuff plates. The overall ride will be about 66 mm higher than the wagon and thus assure better clearance against the rocky roads. The V60 CC carries the characteristic Volvo theme on the outsides with round cornered headlamps and long tail-lamps, although the silhouettes on the bonnet & at the rear and twin exhaust pipes integrated in the rear bumper, impart a good amount of aggression to the V60 CC. On the insides the Volvo V60 CC will come with sports black leather seats with distinctive brown stitching, Volvo also looks to offer two tone leather upholsteries in the mud-loving V60.

Words have been heard on the anticipated launch of V60 Cross Country in UK as well which will be powered by Volvo’s 5-cylinder D3 (134 Hp) and more powerful 5-cylinder, 2.0 litre 179 Hp D4 turbo diesel engines, Volvo might offer AWD option with the latter variant. I’m expecting the V60 CC T5 to be offered at $ 42K, Volvo may launch its tweaked version sooner, because I personally feel that this one might need some tweaksPsychology Articles, well we’ll find that out later.

Fashion Design Careers- Learn How To Get Your Career In Fashion Started


The world of fashion is exciting. In fact, being a fashion designer is one of the most creative and awesome jobs to do. What are the two skills that you need to be a good fashion designer? You will need to sew well and to draw your ideas. Of course, these will be taught by experts when you enroll in a fashion school. Aside from those two mandatory skills, you will need passion: passion for clothes and design. It would also do you well to be a right brained person because to be a fashion designer requires that you think outside the box and to avoid conformity. Creativity is essential in the fashion world. Other things that you’ll need are determination and a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry. You need to have a good grasp of the creative side as well as the business side. The next thing to do is to enroll in a fashion design program with a reputable fashion school. This will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge in a structured setting. Professionals will be guiding you in your quest to become a full fledged fashion designer. The following section is the Design Process. It is a core material of what they will teach you in Fashion School. The design process will teach you the steps from the conception of your design to the creation of the garment. The first step in the Design Process is to choose your target market. This means interviewing them so that you’ll understand their fashion needs and tastes. The next step is to know the trends. Fashion is forever trending and changing so it’s important to know what is in and what is not. If you infuse your creativity into what your market what, you will create a successful design that will be well loved. After you have a better idea of what your market wants, it’s time to choose the fabric. You have to do this before you sketch your design because the design depends on the fabric you choose. Make sure the fabric you choose is what your target market loves. Fabric is also dependent on the season you are targeting. It does not make sense to use wool for a summer season. The next step is to sketch now your design. By this time, you will have a good idea already of what your customer is looking for. You will also have determined what an ‘in’ trend is for the season you are targeting. It’s now time to unleash your creativity. Your creativity has to be evident in the design you will sketch. After you have finished your sketch, you will now take measurements. You can choose to customize it for each customer or you can go with the global size standards. If you are only dealing with a few clients, it’s best to give them a personalized service by taking their measurements personally. You then draft your patterns. You will need this to sew a garment. For your test garment for fitting, you will be sewing muslin. Muslin will allow you to modify your patterns when needed. After you try it with your client, you check the fit. Redraft your patterns and use another muslin garment if necessary. When your muslin perfectly fits and meets your customers’ requirements, you then sew the actual garment with the fabric you have initially chosen earlier. The beauty of being a fashion designer is that you continually help people look good and that your creativity muscles are always being stretched. Happy customers will send you referrals along your way. Treat them well and you’re on way to a great career as a fashion designer.

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Adele Rodriguez is an accountant by profession, with very varied interests. I love writing, fashion and most of all helping others. I hope that my articles help to inform people. If you are interested in learning more please read my other articles on Fashion Design Eduction and Online Education.

Is it Safe to Drive With the Check Engine Light On?

Is it Safe to Drive With the Check Engine Light On?

Basically there are 3 situations when the check engine light comes on.
1. It is OK to drive but do actively seek to repair.
2. It is OK to drive to a repair shop or limp home to fix it yourself.
3. STOP immediately and call a tow truck, driving any further will cause damage to your vehicle.

Watch the video to see what category your check engine light situation falls into!

If you have any further interest please visit

*Disclaimer: Please use all safety precautions

Adding news features is a great way to tell people who come to your site about how great your business is doing. Simply adding news features about anything that’s happening in your business can help keep your site up to date and also keep your customers more informed.

Whether that’s telling customers and suppliers about big orders you’ve won, any new products or ranges you have, or how your company will be affected by a recent news story or if you’re doing really well any awards you’ve won or are nominated for.

There is another added bonus of doing this – over time you will be building your website so it could have potentially hundreds of pages of content.

It’s also great for keeping your customers informed. Just by displaying and featuring a new product or adding to a range you could find that this is the first time someone has realised you actually sell that product or service.

An online shop can have as many categories as you like, with full product management including multiple product images to give your clients plenty of information to help them buy from you with confidence.

Even if you dont actually sell anything online, you are still selling your business to the visitors that arrive onto your site.

The easiest way to begin to address their needs is to look at the layout and design of your site. First impressions count, so by making sure that your site is up-to-date, well laid out with good use of copy, your business will demonstrate that it takes pride in its product or service. A site that doesn’t look as though it has been updated or changed for some time won’t instil much confidence in your business.These are just a few things that will persuade your customers to buy from you.

 In order to get customers you need to rank in search engines – a good search engine optimisation Newcastle company will help you climb rankings in the major search engines in order to attract customers looking for your product or service.

To make sure that your store isn’t missing out on valuable sales it is important to keep a close eye on your site’s design and features. By conducting your own research on the net it is easy to see that the most successful ecommerce stores incorporate high quality design with straight-forward usability, in an effort to draw in customers and avoid them bouncing off elsewhere.

A key factor to bear in mind is that when a consumer first arrives on your site they initially have a desire to buy, but will also have some basic objections to be overcome in the first instance. For example if you’re are a small business, the chances are they user will not have heard of you, they will not know if you sell the product they want, and they don’t know if you will deliver on time or how your product or service will compare with your competitors.

Although potentially time consuming, it is worth thinking about the product information you provide on your site. By providing concise information on the product, its benefits and features along with good quality photographs you can provide reassurance to the user that you do have the product or service for them.

You should now have a basic understanding on how you can increase visitors to your site through Search Engine Optimisation Newcastle and  Web placement Newcastle web placement and once you get those customers to your siteFind Article, increase the sales and marketing potential of the site.

Womens fashion clothing for the elegant one

It is about being prim and proper. To some
it is about comfort. People find clothes and shoes fashionable if they
are coated with comfort. There is no point wearing a daring outfit with a
plunging neckline if you feel shy and awkward. You won’t be doing
justice to either the outfit or yourself. Fashion has many definitions
and no one can really use a particular term to define it. But whether
you are rich or poor, a sale on fashion will make every human weak in
their knees.

Clothes were once a basic human necessity. Today it has become a mark
of one’s status. People, especially women love wearing clothes that top
the season’s fashion charts. It not only makes them feel good, it also
makes them look stunning. There is a wide variety when it comes to
womens fashion clothing. On a normal sunny day, a woman can look her
feminine best by stepping out in a pair of washed out denims and a
simple t shirt. Jumpers and polo necks look chic with a pair of cotton
pants or denims and can lend a touch of innocence to the entire
ensemble. On a cold winter morning, a trip to the local grocery store or
an evening stroll in the park can be enjoyed with a warm snugly
cardigan wrapped neatly around your everyday clothes. Wearing a simple t
shirt with light coloured cardigans in shades of peaches, baby pinks
and sky blues will give a touch of softness to your entire look.

For an evening out with your friends you could sashay in a dress
which is fitting enough to make you look sultry but not much revealing
to make you look vulgar. For a date, you could team a smart looking
blazer with the same dress giving it a sassy change. And you thought
blazers were just for women perched high on the corporate ladder. Womens fashion clothing
also includes quirky coloured skirts worn with simple shirts and
blouses. A plain light coloured top can be worn with a flowery printed
skirt with a thin necklace holding a pendant. Classic! Jumpsuits are a
fun way to bring out the little girl in you. It looks extremely
feminine, not to mention totally marvellous.

There are so many options to choose from. Depending on your body
typesFree Reprint Articles, clothes can flatter your good areas. But choosing the wrong
outfit can highlight your problem areas doing nothing good for you in
the bargain. Sale on fashion
gives you the excuse to shop in bulk explaining to your loved ones that
it is a wise investment. The staggering 50 – 70 % off on sales can make
any woman drool. Nothing can be better than the world’s most gorgeous
looking dress purchased for half its price.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine To Break And Remove Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can cause a whole lot of pain and discomfort in patients. Ayurveda can help with relief from kidney stones without the requirement of any surgery with Kid Clear capsules.

Kidney stones, which are otherwise called as calculi are among the most common disorders associated with the urinary tract. These are hard masses that are developed from crystals. It is stated that among the many factors contributing towards the problem, consumption of hard underground water and also foods rich in mineral content can increase the chances of stone formation. However, the relieving news for patients is that they can remove kidney stones. Yes, this is possible with the help of ayurvedic medicine to break kidney stones. When the stones are initially broken with the ayurvedic medicine, it will automatically come out when urinating without causing any pain and so removal also becomes easier.

Symptoms of kidney stones: Before actually understanding about ayurvedic medicine to break kidney stones, it is better to get an understanding of the symptoms. Here is the list of symptoms:

1. Increase in the frequency of urination 2. Pain when urinating 3. Urinary infection 4. Blood in urine 5. Nausea and vomiting.

In general, the symptoms vary according to the location of the stone, its size and also the shape. The patient might experience sudden sharp pain that generally starts in the flank area and radiates through the groin. As mentioned earlier, to remove gallstones Ayurveda can the best solution.

What are the reasons for the formation of kidney stones?

Even though ayurvedic medicine will help, a patient with this problem might be interested in knowing what the cause behind the problem was. Here, the thing to remember is that stones form because of a number of reasons. It might form because of increased absorption of calcium or oxalate from the GI Tract. In addition to this cause, other factors like an abnormality in the anatomy of the urinary tract, family history of stones, lesser water consumption and certain types of food can also contribute towards gallstone formation. To remove kidney stones in a safe and effective manner, it is suggested to choose the ayurvedic remedy called as Kid Clear capsules.

An introduction to Kid Clear capsule: It is an excellent ayurvedic medicine to break kidney stones. The reason for the effectiveness of this product is that it is made out of time-tested herbal ingredients that are known for their effectiveness to remove gallstones. These capsules can help with improving the functioning of kidneys and gallbladder and the effective ingredients in these capsules will also help with treating urinary infection, decreased urine production, infections in kidneys and also painful urination. The effective ingredients in these capsules possess breaking and crushing properties and so they can crush the stone to help with easy removal of stone through urine.

Read about Ayurvedic Treatment For Kidney Stones. Also know Herbal Kidney Stone Removal Treatment. Read about how to Remove Kidney And Gallbladder StonesArticle Search, Pathri.

The Popularity of De Majo Lighting

enchanted by the Trends and new Designs of well-known lighting
manufacturers like Axo, Ingo Maurer, Foscarini, Metalarte, Flos,
Prandina, Kundalini, Vibia and many other great ones in our

up your home in an effective way can brighten up the mood and make a
cheerful looking house that you would want to return to. The modern
lighting solutions available these days can add color and elegance to
an otherwise boring room and make it look inviting. They also come in
a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and materials to satisfy
everybody’s tastes. Lighting can breathe new life into an
environment and is a very important home décor for both indoors and
outdoors. To satisfy these requirements, a variety of designer lights
are available to choose from and  De
Majo lighting

is one of the oldest names on the list.

de Majo’, a glass factory was established in 1947 right after the
Second World War by Guido de Majo in Italy. It continued with the
glassmaking, till in the 1960’s, it decided to seriously go in for
designing these glassworks. Young designers were hired to produce
lighting and lighting accessories that are enchanting and could
easily double up as works of art. De Mojo lighting grew more and more
popular as they were creating an ideal mix of both traditional and
contemporary designs that maintain high standards of production.
Their most famous product remains the Venetian chandeliers while they
also produce innovative and creative lighting designs. Each piece of
lighting is signed by the company and comes with a certificate of

the designs

of the popular designs from the De Majo lighting is the Belleglorie.
These lamps are made from hand-crafted glass while the shades are of
chromed metal fitting. Designed by Oriano Favaretto Belleglorie is
characterized by a calla flower shape and is available in various
formats such as floor lamp, ceiling lamp, hanging lamp, wall lamp and
table lamp. De Majo Perlage is another popular line of designs.
Inspired by various shapes such as cube, sphere or other natural
shapes this line is also designed by Oriano Favaretto. Perlage is a
combination of blown glass lamps and white colored metal and steel

other popular line by Oriano Favaretto is De Majo – Poli Po. This
line uses lamps with satin finish glass with flexible fitting in
chrome metal. It is available in more than 10 colors and in various
forms like wall lamp, ceiling lamp, floor lampBusiness Management Articles, or table lamp. The
other designs which have been newly added to their line are De Majo
Oxygene and De Majo Peroni.

Watch the Latest News Headlines and Live Events l ABC News Live

Watch the Latest News Headlines and Live Events l ABC News Live

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India is a country with a huge population so there are always things happening around the nations which on gets to know about with help of news. Indian politics, sports, natural disaster, entertainment, and many other events are the main focus of news in India. Many magazines give away information about the entity of system of Politics which develops curiosity among people. Many newspapers have their front page bearing latest political news. The international and national news always has some element of political news in it. But every nation has a different political background and history. Hence, the political issue shows variations depending on the various pieces of land. The Political news India is just a medium of delivering the political views of various people in the country.News gives away information about society, state, country, sports and even entertainment. The news about financial matter like budget, policy and bills etc. are also delivered by the India news. When the budget is announced the news channels makes an effort to spread the message about the governments act towards society and make the society well aware about it. The political news also makes people aware of the economic growth of various other countries and also their position in the market. The latest political news India sometimes is of very interest and so make up to the headlines of the world news. Whenever a foreign delegate comes to India in order to improve their relations with the country the news is covered by the agencies and it is conveyed to the general public. People always feel the need to be updated with the daily happenings around them. The latest political news helps them to know about the political activities going around the world.The political activities that go around in our country always make it to the world news. Many People prefer to know about the world’s political news instead just being aware of the political happenings in the country. This political news India creates an image of the country in the minds of other people. It may be positive it negative depending upon the political news that is telecasted. Developing a positive image is very important as that decides the reputation of the country. There are many ad campaigns conducted for the citizens of India in which they are taught manners to build a positive image of country. In many countries political moments of country are telecasted which includes various moments of Loksabha’s question hour.

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Tips for Used Car Buying from Dealer

Some models of cars, like sports cars or SUV’s, cost more to insure. . If you buy a German luxury car you will have to pay higher maintenance expenses. Your budget is the biggest factor in determining what type of car you will buy. Buying a car is a difficult task, but by buying a used car you can be sure you are getting the right car at a price you can afford. See used car dealer in Villa Park, IL, for affordable quality cars.

Many people think that buying a used car is better because of the bargain price they can get. The moment a new car leaves the lot its value decreases. Smart shoppers search for used cars that are barely used since they are much cheaper than a new car of the same model due to this instant depreciation in value. There are a few things you should assess before buying a used car. 

1.Budget. The first item you need to determine in order to buy a used car is your budget. If you decide to finance your car, you will be able to afford a more expensive model, but by doing so you will pay more in interest expense over the duration of your loan. Your budget is the biggest factor in determining what type of car you will buy.

2.How the Car will be used. Consider what type of car suits your household’s needs the best. If you have a large family, a mini-van or SUV may be your best option. For people with a long commute to work, a fuel-efficient compact car or a luxury model may be a better choice. Determining how you will use your car will allow you to better decide what type of car you should purchase.

3.Additional Costs. You may find additional costs associated with the type of car you decide to buy. Some models of cars, like sports cars or SUV’s, cost more to insure. A larger vehicle will consume more gas, costing you more money at the pump. If you buy a German luxury car you will have to pay higher maintenance expenses. Consider these factors so you do not buy a car that you cannot afford. The sticker price of a car is not the only expense to consider.

4.Comparison Shopping. After calculating your budget and deciding what kind of car you want, get to know which dealerships offer the best deals and prices. Different dealerships have different offers. By shopping around, you will be able to find the best deal.  If plan to pay in cash, look into buying directly from an owner as you may avoid some of the dealership costs.

While buying a used car is a great way to get more ‘bang for your buck,’ there are some risks involved with buying a used car. You will have a hard time finding everything out about the vehicle’s history, but you can have a mechanic examine the car to give you an independent assessment as to its condition. Buying a car is a difficult task, but by buying a used car you can be sure you are getting the right car at a price you can afford. See used car dealer in Villa Park, ILFree Reprint Articles, for affordable quality cars.

Global Quartz Stone Market 2016, Trends and Forecast Report

Global Quartz Stone Industry 2016 and analysis by 2020 analyzed the world’s main region market size, share, trends, conditions, including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and industry growth rate etc.


The report Global Quartz Stone Industry provides a comprehensive analysis of the Quartz Stone market. The report features industry insights from experts. A detailed segmentation of the Global Quartz Stone market has been included in the report. Furthermore, the report also covers the sub-segments. The leading sector, the emerging sectors, along with their growth statistics have been mentioned in the report.

View Sample Report @

After a brief overview of the Global Quartz Stone market, the report analyzes the market dynamics. The top drivers supporting market growth and the key restraints hampering market growth are covered in this report. Additionally, the report also states the threats and opportunities that companies in the market need to look out for. The most influential trends that will shape the market during the forecasting horizon are also covered in this report. Current market development trends such as partnerships, M&As, collaborations, etc., have also been discussed in detail in the report. Moreover, the report elaborates on the regulatory scenario governing the Quartz Stone market and its potential effects on the market in the foreseeable future.

Detailed business overview, revenue analysis, strategies, and SWOT analysis of the key players has been included in the report. Players in the Global Quartz Stone market are aiming to expand their operations to emerging regions. Further, companies in the Quartz Stone market are focusing on innovation and positioning their products at competitive prices. An in-depth supply chain analysis in the report will give readers a better understanding of the Quartz Stone market.

Enquiry about Quartz Stone Industry:

To evaluate the market better, each market segment and its sub-segments are evaluated in the report with their market drivers, restraints, sharesHealth Fitness Articles, and growth rates. Valuable forecasts and other market statistics in this research study make it an indispensable intelligence tool for companies operating in this market.

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