Regular Oil Change Improves your Engine Performance


Your engine’s performance is based on two factors: its construction is key, but its lubricant is king. Upon construction the engineers can see that all of the parts are moving as they should. But it was determined during the first assemblies that a lasting lubricant would be needed. So without the right thickness and fluidity to the ideal lubricant for the temperatures the engine will experience then the car is not going to go anywhere. What are you doing to preserve the performance of your main source of transportation?It is safe to say that everyone knows that your recommended timing for oil change is different depending upon the type of car, type of engine, type of use and type of engine lubricant that you use. Well, no matter what the response is to all of those different types, your car engine performance can be dulled and damaged by the old and corroded oil inside of it. Regular oil change allows the lubricant to effectively do its job within and with the engine parts that it comes in contact with. The clean and clear fluidity to clean lubricant is integral to your engine start up, smooth part movement and the process of keeping it cool while it accelerates and maintains speed down the busy roadways that you travel each day. Have you ever seen the inside of a dirty engine? You can push back your next oil change or several changes throughout the years but you’ve probably already experienced how the neglect has impacted the aging of your engine. If you’ve ever looked into an engine that has been required to wait for new, clean lubricant, you would not want to see that happen to your engine. These neglected engines are coated with dark soot colored muck. The lubricant inside is barely capable of temperature control or protection of the parts that it surrounds. So you’ve been driving around with old engine lubricant and putting up with the amount of performance that you’ve gotten out of your engine. It took a little longer for start up and it over heated often. Then you finally went in to your local garage and had your engine drained, flushed of old lubricant gunk and suspended debris before an upgraded oil was inserted. Now when you drive, if you are connected to your vehicles moods, you’ve already noticed how your driving experience has improved. Its smoother isn’t it?

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