Rorschach: Psychology’s Most Controversial Test

Rorschach: Psychology’s Most Controversial Test

For decades, people have used the Rorschach Test to diagnose mental illnesses and determine personality traits, which hasn’t always been the best idea. But modern studies suggest that this test actually can tell us some things about the way people see the world.

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By definition psychology is, “The study of the psyche,” which means, “the soul”, and psychologists have no idea of what the psyche is or if it even exists. Most psychologists don’t believe the soul exists outside of their personal religious affiliations. Therefore, unlike other sciences, psychology has no subject of focus and dismisses the very existence of its central focus, the psyche. A review of most areas of psychology would adequately demonstrate that one encounters “undesirable” abstract terms throughout psychology. It is a discipline fraught with dilemma. Not just the psyche, but consciousness, personality, ego, mind and similar terms common throughout psychology refer to abstractions that can be demonstrated, but cannot be assigned a definite and precise tangent in physical time and space.

Sigmund Freud, a physician and neurologist, breathed new life into psychology by introducing new ideas about sexuality and the new technique of psychoanalysis. He brought a deterministic slant to psychology that rendered the science somewhat more grounded in physical reality; but he did not eliminate the general dilemma of psychology and, indeed, he may even have given rise to new problems of a similar nature. Furthermore, his ideas, filled with concepts of sex, were generally viewed as scandalous.

Like psychology, the life sciences have their own undesirable but recurring issues that they have attempted to sweep under the rug or dismiss, but without success. Perhaps most of these issues have bearing on psychology as well. Psychology and the rest of today’s science have lost sight of the value and significance of the psyche. Valuable information and data about the psyche is always dismissed or ignored in science, even in psychology, the science of that is supposed to study the psyche.

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