Tips to Diagnose OBD 2 system

OBD 2 is short for the second version of Onboard
Diagnostic. When a car’s diagnostic system detects a problem, it will create an
error code, which will trigger the Check Engine light comes on the dashboard.
You can read these error codes with a scan tool that connects to a car’s
diagnostic connector which usually located beneath the dashboard. But an OBD 2
scan tool cannot be used on every car. It is not reverse compatible; it will
not operate on cars which produced before 1996. A diagnostic scanner, no matter
the coding system, will only give you the reported error code, not the meaning
of the code. The following is the processes.

Step1: Search for the leg space of your car;
you are looking for a diagnostic connector. This plug receptor is the entry
point into your car’s OBD diagnostic system. It should be in plain sight,
somewhere near the steering. This connector takes a 16 pin plug, so it is much bigger
than a computer’s USB port, its shape is like a trapezium.

Step2: Insert the diagnostic scan tool’s
16-pin plug into the diagnostic connector. It should fit easily, and you no
need to force it.

Step3: Power the OBD 2 scan tool on and
wait for it to boot up completely, which shouldn’t take long. Turn your car’s
key into the ignition and power the car on. Wait several seconds as the scan
tool establishes a working connection with the car’s computer. Once it does, a
diagnostic code should appear on the scanner screen

Step4: Write down the codes from the OBD 2
scanner, look up the scanner service manual, or just enter the reported error
code into a search engine. You may also want to add the manufacturer’s name. Such
as, searching “Bens P1089” will land you on a code list with the translation,
“O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response in Lean Control

Choose keywords from the code’s definition,
and then insert these into the search engine to find a greater translation of
your car’s problem. This will help you make the determination on whether or not
you want to try the repair job yourself. If you determine to ask for a
mechanicArticle Submission, you will also have the ability to tell him what exactly problem is.

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