Types of Chalcedony


Chalcedony is the name for a group of stones made of cryptocrystalline or microcrystalline variety of quartz, this means that without high magnification, the quartz crystals are too small to be seen. Stones which included in this group are jasper, agate, petrified wood, fire agate, bloodstone, tiger eye, chrysoprase, carnelian, onyx and sardonyx. The name of the gem is derived from the name of the ancient Greek town called as Chalkedon in Asia Minor.Chalcedony is found in the form of rounded crusts, rinds, and stalactites in volcanic and sedimentary rocks. It has a transparent, vitreous luster and a white streak. It has a conchoidal (curved) fracture and density of 2.61 gram per cubic centimeter. It is also piezoelectric. They are generally formed near the surface of the earth where pressures and temperatures are relatively low. Chalcedony is not rare and can be found worldwide and in almost every color including white, brown, black, brownish red, yellow, orange, lavender, blue, light to dark green and white. In the case of jaspers and agates, you can find them with combinations of those colors. The stone is durable, abundant, beautiful and takes a good polish, this makes chalcedony an excellent stone for jewelry. In jewelry usage, the name chalcedony is used  to refer to the white or lightly colored pieces. Since chalcedony is porous stone, it is often dyed into any preferred color. Early humans used chalcedony as knife tips, bowls, tools and cups. It has also been used ornamentally for hundred of years because of its durability and ability to be polished. Chalcedony gemstones is priced rather inexpensively due to the wide variety of the gem available in the market, but stones with good color, clarity and striking features command high prices.Although the availability of the different forms of chalcedony varies, the semi precious gemstones can be found worldwide. Brazil, Uruguay and Turkey also have large deposits of chalcedony. Chrysoprase can be found in Russia, Germany and Eastern European countries, Canada, the United States and Brazil. Germany is home to significant amounts of agate.It was believed Chalcedony has the ability to help people develop the emotional balance, kindness, stamina, generosity, receptivity, responsiveness, friendliness and charity. It was considered to heal the physical problems like leukemia, fever, eye problem etc. It absorbs negative energy. It has one unique property of balancing the energy of the human emotions, mind, body and spirit.

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Chalcedony gemstone members are associated with most of the zodiac signs except Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer and Sagittarius.

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