Using Color Psychology on Web Design

In advertising and entertainment, colors are often used, but many

people do not comprehend it, and this is why it is good to know

about it in learning how to make a website. It is best to know

about this because it is a way to get the attention of customers in

buying a product.

The colors are grouped into two: cool and warm.

Cool colors include blue, green as well as purple. Ideas such as

calm, natural, confidence, clarity and relaxation are attributed to

these colors. The negative side of these colors can give the

feeling of stagnation, depression and sadness.

Warm colors are color such as red, orange and yellow. Their

positive side includes excitement, happiness, energy, and overall

fun. Known negative attributions are excessive force, anger,

frustration and irritation.

As mentioned previously, colors can impact the mood of a person

and, therefore, his thoughts and decision. Getting the attention

of potential clients and getting them to buy are important, and

when learning how to make a website, knowing about colors is a

critical task.


The background of a website is one critical factor whether

potential customers choose to stay and look around or immediately

close or check another website.

If you want to attract customers who place importance in

cleanliness and order, choose colors that represent such ideas like

blue, green and white. Using too much, however, will feel robotic

or impersonal.

If you wish to promote power and strength, colors such as red,

orange and black. But people might get annoyed if you have too much

red and yellow. On the other hand, too much black can either show

formality or a gothic look.


Black is often used as text color. However, black on white

background will give the appearance of impersonal formality. A

white on black background gives a gothic appearance.

A mix of blue and white feels peaceful, and so does a mix of green

and white.

The red and white mix will attract attention, but too much of it

will give an angry feel. A red and black combination will give a

sensual feel but can seem unprofessional.


Red, orange and yellow usually attract the attention of people. Use

them carefully because too much can give the feeling of danger all

over your site instead of giving the idea of a lot of offers. These

colors seem give the idea of potential danger, and this is the

reason why people are attracted and at the same time become wary

when the notice them.


Red, yellow and orange usually attract kids. This might be because

they represent fun, movement and energy. The older age groups, on

the other hand, have more than enough excitement already at work

and school that they would usually appreciate more calm colors.

As you can see, colors can be applied in a wide variety of ways in

website design. Study and use color combinations wisely and you

will garner rewards, if not customers then at least visitors to

your website. Ignore the importance of colors and you will get

neither customers nor visitors. You can benefit from this as you

continue to study how to make a website.

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