What is Reiki? | A Short Film

What is Reiki? | A Short Film

I was inspired to create a film that answered the simple question, “What is Reiki?” So often I’ve tried to explain the subtleties of energy work but words never seem to completely describe the experience. However, seeing Reiki in action allows you to better visualize the depth of this practice and understand how accessible and beneficial it can be for everyone.


Meditation is a very important part of Reiki – a form of
healing practice from Japan. This meditation has some benefits, according to
Reiki practitioners, which includes clairvoyance (the ability to foresee
things), greater ability of visualization, enhanced relaxation (improves self
healing) and a greater awareness.


Through meditations your energy is balanced. This balance in
your energy helps in your healing process as well as in healing others via
“energy attunement”. As with any other meditation technique you aren’t supposed
to force things to happen but rather to “let them flow”. This way your
frustrations will go away and in return you’ll find the inner peace you’re
looking. It’s like in real life – you cannot force the nature to change its
course but you need to accept it anyway.


There are four major forms of Reiki meditation.


Breathing meditation – is the prelude of all the other
forms. You need to breathe slowly and focus your mind to Reiki. Another form requires
you to breathe normally, which somehow is opposed to the other form of
breathing meditation. This form is usually used in the end of the breathing
meditation as a transition from one meditative state to another.


Visualization – based meditation is another form of
meditation from Reiki. The idea is to visualize the Reiki symbol or another
object with your ‘third eye’ as clearly as possible. This form of meditation is
done only by those practitioners who have the second degree in Reiki training.
Another thing you must visualize in this meditation form is to see your goal.
Reiki helps you in achieving your day to day goal, besides healing you.


Postural meditation – the third form of Reiki meditation. In
this form the practitioner can obtain the meditative state using various
postures. This form of meditations is mostly used as a prelude to the other
Reiki meditation formsScience Articles, like breathing meditation which itself is a prelude
form of other types of Reiki meditation. This form of meditation may be practiced
sitting or even lying down. Other postures may be used as well.


Moment to moment meditation is the last form of Reiki
Meditation. It requires devotion and manifest in the day to day roles of the
practitioner. This is based on understanding things like avoiding worry or
anger. Understanding and dispatching from these things along with devotion in
one’s vocation are the keys in a moment to moment meditation form. This form
requires a detached attitude from the things mentioned above. You must
understand and do all these things in order to be a good Reiki practitioner.


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